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Java Team Lead

Tallinn, Estonia

Senior Java Developer

Tallinn, Estonia

Android Developer (Chromium)


System Engineer Linux

Hamburg, Germany

Senior Software Engineer

Hamburg, Germany

System Engineer Databases

System Expert Enterprise Applications

Radebeul, Germany

PHP / Perl Developer

Radebeul, Germany

PHP / Laravel Developer

Radebeul, Germany

React / Redux Developer

Radebeul, Germany

Our office is in Kiev, but we work all over the world

PSR is one of the top companies from Western Europe,
which is specifically focused on recruiting of IT specialists.

During the hiring process you are usually limited by
the city and the country. PSR erases the boundaries
for you, looking for highly qualified professionals,
motivated and ready to relocate anywhere in the world.



Professional search of candidates of any level of seniority


We have experience in the rapid building of IT teams which will operate under your company's management


We take care of building and managing IT teams for the needs of your business

Customer testimonials


Co-Founder, CEO at VISARTECH

We are pleased to cooperate with PSR. The company proves to be a reliable partner able to selects excellent IT specialists really quick. We are satisfied with the speed and efficiency of the process. PSR team has saved us a lot of time.


Hotel «Hilton»

We engaged with PSR to help us with search and selection of staff for our vacant positions. PSR teams were always helpful and reachable, providing our company with great candidates for our different roles. They totally understood our needs and were very helpful while supporting the candidates on all stages of relocation. We would definitely work with them again!

M. Pukkala

Managing Director at Leinonen
Belarus and Leinonen Ukraine

I would describe PSR as a team of professionals, who work together with clients to accomplish the best results. They are experienced in recruitment and provide excellent services. PSR team is reachable at any time and very client-oriented.

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Your entire team must work productively for a common positive result to stay afloat in the current competitive market environment. This is very important, as you can achieve the intended growth and goals only if working as a single cohesive mechanism. But, as a rule, forming a team of qualified professionals who know and love their work is not an easy task. Equally hard is finding a reliable employer who can offer adequate working conditions and stability. However, there are no problems that can’t be solved!

"PROFESSIONAL STAFF RECRUITMENT" is a recruitment agency that can hardly be considered a usual recruitment agency. PSR does not use the usual template to search for employees. This recruitment agency is proven to be an effective agency for both white and blue collar recruitment. Here’s why:


- Qualitative, non-standard personnel search
- Effective interview using a unique technique
- Objective assessment of staff
- Qualitative selection of the best applicants
- A detailed analysis of all available factors
- Competent, focused motivation of employees
- Individual approach to every occasion and request

And what do you get as a result, cooperating with the agency "PROFESSIONAL STAFF RECRUITMENT"?

We carefully study all of your preferences, wishes, skills and previous work experience, after that we select the most suitable role for your professional and personal growth, as well as the companies that need your abilities. You can trust our clients, we work only with reliable companies that are ready to guarantee stability for you. We understand how important the reliability and security of labor is in our time. We will find a dream job for you.

What will the company that chooses "PROFESSIONAL STAFF RECRUITMENT" for personnel search get?

A cohesive team of true professionals. We will select experts who are motivated to show outstanding results and high performance. You will get unique staff that matches your industry perfectly.

We understand how important it is to have healthy and positive relations in the team. Often this is one the most important factors in the development and success of the company. Therefore, choosing the ideal candidate for your position, we take into account not only the technical skills of the applicant, but also personal qualities, that would be a fit for you to work together. We will find for you a specialist who can harmoniously fit into the team and will work fruitfully in it.

The "PROFESSIONAL STAFF RECRUITMENT" does much more than the usual selection of personnel. PSR helps to create a harmonious team of professionals, which is committed to productive work and the success of the company.