The 4 high paying non tech jobs in 2019

12 June 2019

When you’re asked about top jobs with well-paid salaries, you might imagine engineers, developers, architects or data scientists. Right? But programming is not about everyone. For now, we’ve rounded up non-technical job’s list that can help you find ample opportunities.

1. Management analyst

Management Analysts or they are often referred to as management consultants have a variety of duties. They conduct large scale analyses, prepare operations to assist a company in operating more effectively. Also, they collect data and organize information to improve procedures and solve problems.

Management consultants investigate and analyze data such as expenditures, revenue, and employment reports. Management Analysts can work in a wide variety of industries starting from government organizations to investment companies. The exact requirements depend on a certain field.

Therefore, the core skills are:
– Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel
– Budget management
– Project Management
– Data Analysis
– Complex Problem Solving
– Analytical thinking

Average salary:

$92.600 per year

Gender ratio:
Female 62% Male 38%

Master’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree usually needed

2. Strategy Manager

Strategy Managers help provide and prioritize business goals for achieving company success. They manage organizational reviews to identify strengths and weaknesses and evaluate operational effectiveness. Strategy managers make recommendations based on trends opportunities internal business process improvement. As a result, Strategy manager leads the company toward gaining a sustainable competitive advantage.

Core skills:
– Financial Analysis
– Project Management
– Business Strategy
– Data Analysis

Average Salary:

$125.800 per year

Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree required

Gender ratio:
Male 55% Female 45%

3. Product Marketing Manager

What is the Product Marketing Manager? A Product Marketing Manager has ultimate responsibility for the product. The main responsibility is to communicate the product’s value to the market. Their responsibilities could include owning the product’s strategy, developing and maintaining the product roadmap, creating marketing campaigns to engage with the audience. Every effort should be made for achieving the product’s goals.

Core Skills:
– Analytiсal Skills
– Strategic planning
– Writing Skills
– Creativity

Average Salary:

$113 200 per year

Education: Bachelor’s degree.

Gender Ratio:
Male 65% Female 45%

4. Project Manager

A project manager is the professional responsible for leading a project from start to execution. Project managers plan, aware of potential risks, manage people, set tasks and monitors the implementation. Essentially, a Project Manager solves any problems and responsible for all business processes and procedures. They certainly need to know everything about a field they work in. This work can be stressful, but really interesting.

What it looks like:

Сore skills:
– Leadership
– Communication
– Scheduling
– Team Management
– Risk Management
– Critical Thinking

Average Salary:

$92.500 per year

Gender ratio:
Male 69% Female 31%

Bachelor’s degree

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