Classic recruiting

19 November 2020

Are you exploring quality hiring opportunities for your tech company or startup? Then, classic recruitment by the Professional Recruitment Company is what you have been looking for all this time. Keep reading to get to know how our services will significantly improve your staff management and why working with PSR is the best solution for your company.

Why recruiting agencies are in demand

More and more tech companies choose to call on IT recruitment agencies when it comes to hiring skilled and experienced specialists. This has become a new trend as they have proved to bring fast and quality results, unlike typical internal hirings. 

Specialized hiring agencies began growing rapidly when the talent market started adapting to the new reality of the globalized and digitalized world. In the past, a company would hire someone connected to the company by several handshakes because people used to exist in narrow social networks. Nowadays, employers and job seekers operate in broad markets and work with qualitatively different pools of job options. Staffing agencies reimagine typical hiring processes by mediating and ensuring perfect matches for effective cooperation.

There are many reasons why tech companies prefer to reach out to professional IT recruiters and PSR in particular, but the main one is a compelling list of its advantages:

  • Quality staffing fosters the company’s development and strengthens its position in the market;
  • Fast and effective hiring helps expand the customer base in a short time;
  • Well-selected staff adds to the positive image of the company and contributes to the brand’s reputation;
  • Skilled employees move the company closer to increased profit and stronger performance.

If you are wondering what our standards are for candidates, PSR considers them professional when they demonstrate great awareness of the industry, confident knowledge of the required skills, and have rich experience in the field. This vision is relatable to most of our clients, which is why our services are personalized and meet our customers’ expectations.

How it works: a step-by-step guide

If you analyze the work of leading staffing agencies in Kyiv, you will notice that their main task is to create a wide database of candidates’ CVs and profiles. This step is necessary for several reasons: it broadens the pool of options, accelerates services, and simplifies processes. So, if you decide to run a classic recruiting through an IT recruitment agency, here is what the process will look like:

  1. After an employer contacts us to start recruiting, our IT recruiters go through well-composed databases to find specialists for vacant positions and send the employer a pool of selected CVs of potential candidates.
  2. The employer picks the most suitable candidates based on previously submitted CVs and sends a list of candidates to the recruiting agency, requesting more information about them.
  3. The recruiting agency provides all necessary details and contact information, so the employer can kick off the interviewing process or invite specialists for work or an internship.

As you can see, our customers do not put much effort into receiving results meeting their needs and expectations. Based in Kyiv, PSR provides recruiting services in the following countries: Poland, Germany, the USA (California), Canada (Toronto, Montreal), and the Netherlands.

Pro recruitment VS. hiring by yourself

To ensure that working with IT recruitment agencies is a good investment in the company’s development, we analyzed the main criteria for a successful hiring process and compared both recruiting methods.

  • Time. Specialized agencies work with thoroughly collected databases containing information about candidates of various levels and backgrounds, speeding up the process. Meanwhile, recruiting by yourself is time-consuming as you need to dive deep into the complex structure of the talent market without proper preparation and experience.
  • Cost. Independent research is usually more expensive than delegating that to HR professionals because of the increased number of steps to undertake. Besides, slow hiring causes money loss because the vacancy remains open and does not bring profit.
  • Quality. Experienced IT recruiters are highly motivated and skilled enough to provide you with the best matches available in the talent market because they have rich expertise in this field. In comparison, recruiting on your own does not guarantee a suitable candidate and involves many risks.

Tech talent market trends

Currently, a lot of our customers are looking for front-end and full-stack developers. The average developer salary in Ukraine is $2000-$3000, which depends on factors such as the vacancy, the candidate’s skills and experience, and working conditions. However, the market keeps growing

as the number of industry employees is expected to increase to 400 thousand by 2024. Therefore, investing in professional hiring is the key to success in IT. PSR specialists are ready to match promising skilled job seekers with great tech companies to create new success stories in the industry. Join us!

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