Classic recruiting

19 November 2020

Classic recruiting is one of the popular services of the Professional Staff Recruitment company, which has been gaining in demand lately. This is due to a variety of factors. First of all, we are talking about the effective search for professional personnel who will meet the criteria of the employer. New employees from the very first days will start to show really good results of their own activities.

Why is recruiting popular?

The best recruiting agencies in Ukraine in recent years have been faced with a large number of applications for personnel search for IT companies. Reception “by acquaintance” or “by recommendation” is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Such methods have shown their low efficiency and imperfection.

When should you use recruiting? This recruitment method is recommended in situations such as:

  • the need for the further development of your business;
  • the task to achieve growth and expansion of the customer base in the short term;
  • strengthening the brand on the market;
  • the need for profit and success.
  • In all these cases, exceptional work and a high level of professionalism of the personnel are required. For this, it is necessary that its selection is really effective. This is important, among other things, against the backdrop of great competition among employers. Among the decisive qualities that all employees of the company, without exception, must possess, we highlight the following:
  • skill level;
  • amount of knowledge;
  • list of skills and abilities;
  • work experience in a specific field of activity.

An IT recruiting company does not recommend continuing to recruit employees from among their acquaintances. If you abandon all production activities and look for the right people on your own, you can waste a lot of time. Any recruiting agency can take over all these functions for an affordable fee.

The main features of classic recruiting
Agencies for the selection of IT personnel in Kiev note that the main task of any recruiting is to collect resumes of specialists. That is why work in this direction is ongoing. The agency is searching for specialists for vacant positions. At the same time, they take into account all the requirements that the employer puts forward to his future employee. A potential candidate must fully satisfy them to such an extent that, as a result, he will fulfill all the duties assigned to him.

Thus, the selection of personnel in the IT field is carried out according to the following algorithm of actions:

  • an employer’s appeal to a recruiting agency;
  • search for specialists for vacant positions;
  • sending to the employer a pool of selected CVs of potential candidates;
  • selection by the employer of the most suitable candidates based on previously submitted CVs;
  • the employer sends a list of candidates to the recruiting agency to request detailed information about them;
  • provision of the requested information by the recruiting agency for further interviews or inviting specialists for an internship.

It is not very difficult to find vacancies in the IT sphere in Kiev. Currently, there is a shortage of professionals on the market who are able to provide really high-quality services in this field of activity. Since the IT sector is rapidly developing in Ukraine, 17 regional associations have been created in the country that are engaged in the modernization and development of this industry.

Benefits of recruiting agencies

A large number of people are currently looking for vacancies in the IT field. As a result, recruiting agencies have a mass of resumes of professionals in their database in their database – not only beginners, but also experienced specialists with the appropriate skills and completed projects.

Before starting cooperation with a recruiting agency to find personnel, you need to pay attention to the main advantages, which are as follows:

  • High professionalism of recruiters. This is due to the fact that every day they have to deal with the search and selection of personnel for their clients. This activity is their main source of income. The recruiter receives earnings if he manages to successfully fill the client’s vacancy. This stimulates him to quality and efficiency in work. As a result, every person working in a recruiting agency is really a professional in his field, interested in the most optimal selection of personnel for the customer.
  • Large database. Its formation takes months and years. As a result, the process of finding specialists for a vacant position takes a minimum amount of time. In a couple of days, the customer can expect a pool of CVs to select the most suitable candidate. We are talking not only about inexperienced specialists, but also about those who have been holding a certain position in an IT company for a long time, but want to change it to a more prestigious one.
  • High speed of order execution. It directly depends on how difficult the assignment is, what conditions the company puts forward to the applicants, etc. If the job is challenging enough, finding the best candidate for it can be a little difficult. It should be borne in mind that self-selection of applicants will take much more time.
  • The ability to significantly reduce the cost of the search for specialists. A competent leader of any company should pay attention to this. Contacting a recruiting agency can be a more profitable and cheaper way to select applicants than an independent search.

Thus, the services of recruiting agencies involved in classical recruiting are in demand. An increase in their popularity is recorded every year. First of all, this concerns the IT sphere.


If you are interested in front end developer or full stack developer vacancies, your salary will be quite high in any case, regardless of which IT company you are hired for. At present, the salary of specialists in this area is 2-3 times higher than the national average. The average developer salary in Ukraine in 2019 was $ 2,300. It depends on factors such as:

  • the prestige of the vacancy;
  • availability of unique highly specialized skills and knowledge;
  • work experience;
  • remoteness of work or the need to be present in the office.

If the working conditions with FOP are stable for the next 5 years, the number of employees in the industry will be increased to 400 thousand (by 2024). Our specialists are ready to quickly find really reliable job seekers for the customer, and for specialists – high-paying vacancies with a guarantee of the realization of their opportunities.

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