11 November 2020

“Professional Staff Recruitment” has experience in the rapid building of IT teams, to be managed by the customer. Agency undertakes the entire paperwork and the workflow.

IT outstaffing is a relatively new management technology, which is one of the types of outsourcing. It allows you to provide the company’s business processes with the necessary labor resources when using the services of third-party organizations for this. It is worth noting that in the United States of America and in the European Union, this type of employment is used by about 90% of all firms, regardless of what field of activity they work in. Outstaffing is only gaining popularity in Ukraine. The specialists of our company can help you with this!

What is outstaffing?

Outstaffing in its essence is the lease of a specialist who works for a contractor (outstaffer) to carry out certain work on his project. Such an employee continues to be part of the client’s team along with other colleagues. The provision of services to them should be regulated by the decisions of the respective managers.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that for the work of a specialist, the company that is the customer pays the selected contractor in accordance with the pre-signed contract. At the same time, the contractor provides wages to his employee on his own without the intervention of third parties on the basis of a labor law agreement concluded with him.

In order to better understand what outstaffing is and why it is used, the following example should be analyzed. Most often, large companies decide to use such services when expanding the boundaries of their business, implying an increase in the staff of the firm. Often, such a need arises unpredictably, as a result of which it goes against the approved personnel plan for a particular year. In this case, experts advise using outstaffing. This allows other workers to be hired to carry out their tasks along with other staff. Moreover, in fact they belong to the permanent staff of the outstaffing agency. Thus, it is possible not to violate the previously approved annual plan in any way.

How is outstaffing so different from outsourcing?

Outstaffing of IT personnel has its own differences compared to outsourcing of IT personnel. Despite the fact that at first glance they seem to be very similar, in fact they are completely different in many key features. This must be realized when making a choice between one or another type of activity.

The differences occur for the following key factors:

  • The type of working relationship. Through outstaffing, you can get the highly qualified workers needed by the company – both on a temporary and permanent basis. With outsourcing, employees are hired who perform specific services with the provision of a guarantee of the result required by the customer and control of all processes performed.
  • Functionality. Most often, outstaffing services are used when it is necessary to perform certain intellectual tasks. We are talking about IT, analytics, software development and implementation, blockchains and Big Data analytics. Outsourcing has gained popularity in cases when the contractor must provide the customer with a ready-made solution to complete the task.
  • Salary. It can be either piecework or monthly. At the same time, payments do not differ in any way from the salaries of regular staff.
  • An outstaffing company is engaged in the temporary transfer of its own employees to the subordination of the customer, and the outsourcing company performs certain (not corresponding to its profile) functions of the customer’s business. Taking into account the fact that according to various sources there are from 4,000 to 12,000 companies on the Ukrainian IT market, such types of cooperation are in high demand.

The main advantages of outstaffing

Our recruiting agency in Kiev is a platform through which outstaffing companies can easily find customers, and customers – highly specialized employees to temporarily perform certain complex tasks in their staff. Before using such services, you should pay attention to their main advantages.

Among the advantages of outstaffing are such factors as:

  • No labor disputes. If any problems arise, the contractor should clarify them directly with the outstaffing company, and not with the customer in whose staff he works.
  • Ease of employee management and HR affairs. The responsibility for vacation and sick leave rests with the outstaffing company. As a result, the customer does not need to maintain large accounting records and provide social protection to employees. Also, the outstaffer needs to deal with documents, administration of business trips, preparation of advance reports, provision of necessary certificates, etc.
  • The financial side of the issue. The obligations of the outstaffer include the calculation, calculation and payment of salaries, as well as various compensations. Fees and taxes are also borne by this particular company, and not directly by the customer. The same applies to fees related to insurance.
  • The prices for IT outstaffing are quite reasonable for most of the customer companies with which we cooperate. The cost of employees’ work directly depends on the tasks that they will have to perform. Also, a number of other factors affect the salary, such as qualifications, the volume of tasks, their complexity, the need to travel to offices or facilities, etc.

Vacancies in the outstaffing system

Professional Staff Recruitment provides its clients with a wide variety of vacancies for specialists working through outstaffing. In the IT field, many experts in their field are currently highly regarded. Moreover, they can perform their duties not only in offices and enterprises, but also remotely. First of all, java vacancies are popular. Despite the fact that there are more than 10 million developers in this area in the world, the market is constantly demanding more and more specialists. Their lack is felt, including in Ukraine.

Among the programming languages ​​that are most often used in outstaffing and outsourcing IT services by Ukrainian developers, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • JavaScript (17.7%) and Java (17.8%)
  • C # (14%);
  • PHP (12%);
  • Python (10.9%);
  • C ++ (6.5%);
  • others (less than 3%).

If you are interested in jobs such as javascript developer or iOS developer, please contact us for help. Within a short period of time, we will find you a job through the outstaffing system – in a Ukrainian or international company that guarantees you good wages.

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