11 November 2020

Outstaffing has become a revolutionary management technology that is already transforming a common IT hiring approach. Professional Staff Recruitment keeps up with leading tendencies and provides outstaffing services to many companies by creating tech teams of rich expertise and ensuring full assistance with the paperwork. Read on to learn more about outstaffing and why it is an excellent choice for ambitious tech companies.

What is outstaffing?

Outstaffing refers to renting services provided by a specialist employed by an outstaffing agency to perform specific tasks on the customer’s request. Such an employee joins the customer’s staff but remains officially employed by the contractor who provides wages and other benefits. However, the customer also pays for the specialist’s services under a special contract.

For instance, outstaffing services are provided for companies that decide to expand their business operations for the purpose of preventing an unanticipated increase in their staff. To avoid contradictions with the approved staffing plan, they hire through outstaffers. This step assists in expanding teams who work on the projects without breaching staff provisions as the newcomers remain the permanent staff of the outstaffing agency.

Such a hiring method gained skyrocketing demand in the USA and the EU countries. HR experts say that approximately 90% of all companies in the mentioned countries use outstaffing regardless of their industry. The PSR company based in Kyiv is at the forefront of providing outstaffing services in Ukraine while working with such countries as Poland, Germany, the USA (California), Canada (Toronto, Montreal), and the Netherlands.

Outstaffing VS. outsourcing: main differences

Tech staff outstaffing may seem almost identical to outsourcing at first glance. However, these services are used in different cases, so we analyzed the critical differences for you to make a suitable decision when choosing between the two.

  • Type of services. Outstaffing provides your company with highly qualified employees temporarily or permanently. Meanwhile, outsourcing is project-based and undertakes some of the company’s functions, providing a guarantee of the necessary result.
  • Customer’s needs. Outstaffing services are employed for ongoing intellectual tasks such as Big Data analytics, software development and implementation, and blockchains. Outsourcing agencies specialize in providing the customer with a ready solution for a specific task or a project.
  • Salaries. In different cases, they are either piecework or monthly and are provided on similar conditions as wages to full-time staff.

Summing up, outstaffing agencies arrange temporary transfers of their employees to the customer, and outsourcing agencies perform certain functions of the company’s business. Still, both types of cooperation are highly demanded, with 4,000 to 12,000 outsourcing and outstaffing companies in the Ukrainian tech market.

Key advantages of outstaffing

  • No disputes with employees. In case of any issues, outstaffing companies are responsible for their resolution with the specialists without involving customers.
  • Easy HR management. Outstaffing agencies cover vacation pay and sick leave, so a customer does not run massive paperwork and provides social packages to employees. Other outstaffer’s responsibilities include working with documents, administrating business trips, preparing progress reports, etc.
  • No additional accounting. Outstaffers perform calculations, pay wages and compensations, and are responsible for taxes and fees.
  • Reasonable pricing. Tech outstaffing companies offer acceptable prices fairly corresponding with the tasks to be performed. However, the final cost depends on the employee’s expertise level, the number and complexity of responsibilities, working conditions, and so on.

Outstaffing vacancies: brief outlook

The PSR company provides a wide variety of vacancies for qualified professionals through outstaffing. Our specialists can work both in offices and remotely, guaranteeing top-tier services in any case. Our most popular requests involve Java and developer vacancies, as well as other tech jobs growing globally.

Ukrainian developers provide quality outstaffing and outsourcing IT services in such programming languages:

  • JavaScript (17.7%) and Java (17.8%);
  • C# (14%);
  • PHP (12%);
  • Python (10.9%);
  • C++ (6.5%);
  • others (less than 3%).

Are you looking for JavaScript developer or iOS developer vacancies? Then, get in touch with us! Within the short term, we will recommend you a job through the outstaffing system in a Ukrainian or global company with a decent salary.

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