11 November 2020

IT outsourcing in Ukraine is picking up steam in the tech market, becoming one of the most popular hiring options locally and globally. No wonder why: Ukrainian specialists are widely considered highly professional and skilled with diverse expertise, including AI, Big Data, blockchains, etc. We, Professional Staff Recruitment, are a leading Ukrainian recruiting agency that provides IT outsourcing services in Poland, Germany, the USA (California), Canada (Toronto, Montreal), and the Netherlands. So, keep reading to learn more about outsourcing and why it is a viable option for your business.

Why is outsourcing so popular?

IT outsourcing has proved to be highly advantageous in the modern tech market for many reasons. Being a common choice of prominent tech companies, it demonstrates its convenience and excellent performance in various cases. Here are the main pros of using outsourcing in your business:

  • High-level management. Outsourcing is a perfect solution for reducing expenses and resolving all indirect problems as quickly as possible. Companies save 40 to 60% of the budget for developing a product with the services of Ukrainian outsourcing programmers.
  • No rigorous hirings. Instead of running tiring hiring campaigns, you receive necessary services and save money for training and supporting the professional development of your current staff.
  • Reasonable responsibility distribution. With outsourcing, your company manages its resources in the most beneficial way, concentrating on the main tasks and core goals.
  • No salary packages. The outsourcing agency is responsible for vacation pay, sick leave, and other additional expenses. You pay only for the desired result.
  • Quality services. Outsourcing agencies attract highly qualified specialists to perform specialized work and uninterruptedly support the functioning of networks and servers.

However, we should mention that only your company’s priorities determine the final choice as both an outsourced employee and a full-time specialist have pros and cons. In case of doubts, PSR can provide a full consultation and customer support.

Busting common myths

Myth #1: Customers become dependent on outsourcing agencies.

The main interest of outsourcing specialists is completing the task in full accordance with the terms of reference as soon as practicable as it is their way of making a profit and supporting their agency’s reputation. Besides, the customer can quit the contract whenever they deem it desirable and hire a full-time specialist.

Myth #2: Outsourcing causes leakages of important information and data.

A contract between a customer and an agency is legally binding and includes provisions about data storage security. Statistically, the primary source of data leakage is full-time specialists because their individual intentions often go against the company’s interests. On the other hand, outsourcing agencies aim to prolong the cooperation for as long as possible, so they avoid provoking such unacceptable actions at all costs.

Myth #3: Outsourcing agencies set unreasonable prices and constantly raise them.

Of course, the very first payments may be significant, but they do not happen frequently and cover a vast majority of services. Also, the pricing is subject to thorough negotiations between both parties.

To sum up, the main fact destroying the myths is the global demand for outsourcing, especially in Europe, the USA, Australia, etc. Therefore, outsourcing is considered a reliable way of management that makes a good investment in your company’s development.

Service pricing: a quick overview

IT outsourcing prices depend on various factors connected to a customer’s needs and the type of required services involving the following:

  • type of tasks and projects;
  • quality of the work provided;
  • characteristics of the company’s corporate IT infrastructure;
  • speed of response;
  • extraordinary tasks;
  • the frequency of the services;
  • unique skills or narrow expert competence, etc.

Compared to hiring full-time staff, IT outsourcing is more effective and helps to decrease unnecessary expenses on specific services. In addition, Ukrainian specialists provide top-class services for better pricing than in Western countries, so they get hired through outsourcing more and more every year. (44% of Ukrainian tech experts work through outsourcing, and 10% provide their services through outstaffing.)

One of the most popular in this market is front-end developers. If you are looking for a job in this field or others, contact the Professional Staff Recruitment company specialists for help. Within a few days, you will receive a list of companies that need employees to meet your needs.

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