11 November 2020

IT outsourcing in Ukraine is gradually gaining popularity. Ukrainian software developers are considered to be among the best in the world. They are appreciated not only in Europe, but also in America and Australia. This is facilitated by their deep technical knowledge, high level of English proficiency and knowledge of new disciplines, such as AI, big data, blockchain, etc. According to statistics, the volume of this industry, due to a good combination of price and quality of work of Ukrainian specialists, annually increases by 20-25%.

Our company Professional Staff Recruitment is a recruiting firm that provides clients with reliable services for finding specialists working in the field of IT outsourcing. If you are looking for an expert who can tackle a difficult task that your employees cannot handle, we will definitely find one for you!

The main advantages of IT outsourcing

Before using IT outsourcing services, you need to pay attention to why this type of activity has begun to gain popularity in general. This will help you make your choice.

The main advantages of IT outsourcing are as follows:

  • Truly high-quality management, which is achieved by reducing costs and solving all indirect problems as quickly as possible. For the development of this or that product, when using the services of Ukrainian outsourcing programmers, companies save from 40 to 60% of the budget.
  • Reduction or complete elimination of budget expenditures necessary to search for professionals with the appropriate specialized or technical education. Thus, money is saved on education and training of personnel, their certification or licensing.
  • No need to replace an employee in the event that he gets sick. The employer does not need to pay for labor holidays and possible sick leave.
  • Using the company’s resources for the implementation of basic tasks and those things that are core.
  • The ability to attract really highly qualified personnel necessary to perform one-time specialized work and support the functioning of networks and servers, which can be done without interruption. In this way, not only the required quality is maintained, but also the corresponding service.

Determining which is better – an outsourced employee or a full-time specialist – is currently impossible. In each of these cases, the employer will have to face certain advantages and disadvantages. That is why experts recommend that you first determine your own priorities. Only in this way can you make a truly correct choice of the option that is best suited in a particular case.

Common myths

Our recruiting agency for the selection of IT specialists often encounters a large number of myths associated with this field of activity. These include the following:

Contractor dependency. Many business leaders fear outsourcing due to the misconception that over time they will depend on the people they hire. In fact, the risks of such an outcome of events are minimal. What is the reason for this? First of all, we are talking about the fact that outsourcing specialists are interested in completing the task as quickly as possible. They work according to plan in full accordance with the terms of reference. With regard to support, the employer can hire a full-time specialist at any time, if necessary, by transferring the work entrusted to the outsourcer to an employee of his own company.
Leakage of important data. Company executives believe that outsourcing specialists are constantly trading the information they receive. At the same time, statistics show that in fact, full-time employees are much more often to blame for the leakage of important data. In addition, it should be understood that the contractor always signs an official contract, which contains a clause on liability for violation of the company’s internal rules, including in the field of data storage security. Outsourced specialists usually have no desire to risk their status and impeccable reputation.
Raising salaries. It is likely that at first the head of the company will have to pay a fairly significant amount for the work performed. But at the same time, it should be understood that such expenses are one-time or not very frequent. They are quite justified in the case of solving pending problems or introducing certain innovations into the work in the absence of specialists who can do this.
IT outsourcing in Kiev is developing at a rapid pace. This is due to the fact that one way or another, many companies periodically face the need to temporarily employ specialists in this field of activity. Having experience in this, in the future, practically none of the employers have any concerns about how safe and justified this type of cooperation is. The specialists of our company advise you to stop being afraid and use the services of outsourcers, since they are really effective and have a lot of different advantages.

Service cost

IT outsourcing prices directly depend on a number of different factors. These experts include primarily the following:

  • type of service performed;
  • quality parameters of the work provided;
  • features of the company’s corporate IT infrastructure;
  • number of supported devices;
  • speed of response to tasks;
  • the need to go to the site to solve the assigned tasks;
  • the frequency of performance of the services provided for by the contract;
  • the need for unique skills or narrow expert competence, etc.

Companies choose IT outsourcing due to the fact that they will have to spend much more money on the work of a permanent full-time employee than on the temporary provision of certain services by a third party. The popularity of Ukrainian specialists is due, among other things, to the fact that they demand slightly lower wages for their work than their Western colleagues. At the same time, in the conditions of Ukraine, their salary is much higher than the average salary in the IT sector. That is why 44% of employed programmers in Ukraine work through an outsourcing system. Another 10% of developers gave their preference to outstaffing. Thus, more than half of Ukrainian developers are involved in the remote work format.

One of the most popular in this market is front-end developers. If you are looking for a job in this activity or are ready to provide services of a different type, contact the specialists of our Professional Staff Recruitment company for help. Within a few days after that, you will receive a list of companies that need employees to meet your needs.

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