Features of IT recruiting and main vacancies

17 December 2020

Professional Staff Recruitment is a recruiting agency through which everyone can find a really high-paying job in the field of information technology. At the same time, companies acting as employers are able to easily recruit a staff of professional employees with the appropriate skills and abilities. If you are interested in IT recruiting, please contact us for help!

Available vacancies

The IT sphere is an industry with a fairly large number of areas that are significantly different from each other. Nowadays, narrow specialists who are really professionally versed in performing a specific task are more and more appreciated. That is why, before submitting your resume to the site, you need to decide in which specific direction you want to work.

Today, Ukrainian and foreign IT companies are looking for specialists in such industries as:

NET Engineer. In such a position, the programmer must use the technologies of the corresponding platform in his work. It contains many tools necessary for the development of applications, websites, solutions for mobile devices or computer games. The .net platform is based on the C # programming language. Over the past 10 years, it continues to occupy a leading position among all other languages ​​used for writing code.

IT-architect. This vacancy requires specialists whose responsibilities will include deciding how the organization’s information system as a whole and in detail will look like in the end. Thus, the main goal of an employee in this area is to ensure the solution of business problems through the use of appropriate information technologies.

Automation tester. The specialist is involved in quality control assurance in the software development process. With the help of software, it performs tests and checks their results, which helps to identify possible malfunctions or problems. Test automation is the development of solutions to accelerate software testing. It is worth noting that this field of activity is at the intersection of development, DevOps, performance optimization, testing and reverse engineering.

Backend. Developers in this area are responsible for creating the “back end” in web applications. Thus, they deal with everything related to the program-administrative part. This includes databases, architecture, program logic, etc.

In addition to the vacancies listed, there are many others on the site: Customer support, Data Science, developer, DevOps, Frontend, full stack, IT recruiter, Java Developer, JavaScript developer, Operational Analyst, PHP Developer, Product manager, server developer, Solutions Architect, Support Engineer, web developer and web designer.

Java script developer: job features

A list of JavaScript-related jobs currently available on our site can be found at the following link: https://psrcompany.com/en/position/javascript-developer-en/. Before sending your resume, you need to pay attention to some of the features of this area of ​​activity.

In particular, JavaScript is considered one of the main programming languages ​​on the web, which creates an interface for users. Most often, this vacancy is combined with the responsibilities of a frontend developer. Its main task is to carry out the layout of the site. It writes HTML-code and CSS-styles to present information in a form that is understandable for all browsers without exception.

The finished result should match the designer’s layout. Sometimes the latter can not provide all the details. That is why a JavaScript developer or a frontend developer must include their creative abilities to take into account absolutely all the technical nuances of implementing a particular idea.

When writing code, you need to make sure that the site is displayed correctly on all browsers and devices. With the advent of new development tools, this has become much easier to do. At the same time, the interfaces of many web portals become more and more complex over time. As a result, the knowledge of specialists in this field must constantly improve. If you want to make good money, you must provide those skills that the employer cannot refuse. Stay up to date with new features to seamlessly adapt ideas to all devices.

Thus, if you are looking for a job, you can do it here. Contact our recruiters, and they will surely find you a highly paid and interesting job in accordance with your skills and abilities.

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