Get a job in Python programming – reasons & steps

7 May 2022

It is a well-known fact that modern IT has become rapidly growing because of the development of various programming languages. They have significantly simplified most processes and broadened the range of possibilities for programmers. However, such a variety has made it challenging for specialists to choose a language that will be advantageous and easy to use. If this is your case, consider getting a job in Python programming. According to leading studies of the labor market, Python will remain one of the most dynamically developing programming languages in the coming years. Keep on reading to learn more about the future of Python from the HR perspective.

Why IT pros tend to choose Python

Each programming technique has pros and cons, but for a quality choice, you should try to understand what makes the language appeal to other specialists. PSR collected three main reasons why Python jobs are in demand among the IT community.

  1. Ease of learning. Compared with other languages, the syntax of Python is pretty simple, which makes coding less complicated. Because the learning process is relatively easy, even beginners manage to create working and readable codes, so with proper practice, everyone can master their skills very quickly.
  2. Networking. Social media and specialized forums are full of Python developers who are eager to learn from others’ experiences and open to helping or giving advice in exchange. A vibrant community is priceless when it comes to self-development and job seeking. If you are actively engaged, it will noticeably improve your skills and understanding of the field. Besides, you may come across IT employment agency recruiters looking for skilled professionals in such communities, so the possibility of getting a job offer by chance is more than real.
  3. The broad scope of use. Many dominant IT companies are already actively using Python in their projects. The well-known examples are Meta (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp), Amazon, YouTube, Spotify, etc. On the other hand, lots of startups join this trend as well. Regardless of their scale, companies seek the most convenient options, and Python appears to be the perfect answer. So, no wonder why Python vacancies are popular among jobs for programmers.

This combination of factors makes Python programming easy to enter and succeed in. However, the chance of getting lost in the numerous vacancies is very high, especially for the job seekers who lack experience in Python job hunting. The following are HR tips to conduct the process more effectively.

How to find an attractive vacancy

After gaining some skills, you want to set your goals and clarify your preferences as a first step. It may sound basic, but try to keep this in mind throughout your job-seeking journey, especially in such a broad field as Python programming. Some job seekers get trapped in the infinite loop of looking for never-found perfect vacancies because of their unclear vision and interests.

The next step is systematizing your portfolio, including gathering information about your experience, past projects, and skills. IT staffing firms recommend including the following:

  • Information about your education: degree, finished specialized courses, additional education, etc. The more data you can provide, the better your CV is.
  • Repository with your works. There are plenty of services where you can upload codes and projects, so use them to show how you employ knowledge in practice.
  • Previous experience. Include the information about your working positions in the past and the freelance projects you were involved in.

After completing these steps, your best choice would be to reach out to IT recruiting agencies. The experienced HR specialists will analyze your CV and get you a couple of options that are a good fit for your preferences. We highly recommend browsing through staffing companies in the USA as they have proved to be competent and professional enough to create successful careers in Python programming.

As you can see, a meaningful and well-planned approach is likely to move you closer to a Python job vacancy that meets your expectations. We believe the choice to work in one of the most promising IT fields will pay back in the nearest future!

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