Highest paying professions in 2019

14 January 2021

The most highly paid professions in 2019. What are these? When you are asked about the coolest professions with a large salary and different buns, you must be imagining something technical. Web developers, data analysts, engineers. Right? But programming isn’t for everyone. Not everyone wants to associate themselves with the IT sphere. At this point, we have compiled a list of non-technical majors for you. This article will help you understand what high-paying professions exist outside of IT and not even in medicine. You may want to drop everything and move on to another field of activity.

So, our top 4: 1. Managing analyst of the company managing analyst of the company job Management analysts, or often referred to as management consultants, have different responsibilities. They conduct large-scale analysis to help the company operate more efficiently. In addition, they collect data and organize information to improve procedures and solve problems. Management consultants study and analyze data such as expenses, income and reports. Management analysts can work in a wide variety of industries, from government organizations to investment firms. The exact requirements depend on the specific area. Basic skills: – Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel – Budget management – Project management – Data analysis – Comprehensive problem solving – Analytical thinking Average salary: $ 92,600 per year Percentage: Women 62% Men 38% Education: Usually a master’s or bachelor’s degree is required 2. Strategy Manager

Strategic managers help secure and prioritize business goals for the company’s success. They administer organizational reviews to identify strengths and weaknesses and assess operational effectiveness. Strategic managers provide recommendations based on trends in internal business process improvement opportunities. As a result, the strategy manager leads the company towards a sustainable competitive advantage. Key skills: – The financial analysis – Project management – Business strategy – Data analysis Average salary: $ 125,800 per year Education: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree required Percentage: Male 55% Female 45% You can always look at the price fork for any of these vacancies. Shown here is the average salary for a strategic manager in New York. 3. Product Marketing Manager What is a Product Marketing Manager? The Product Marketing Manager is solely responsible for the product. The main responsibility is to convey the value of the product to the market. His responsibilities may include: mastering the product strategy, developing and maintaining a product roadmap, creating marketing campaigns to interact with the audience. Every effort must be made to achieve the goals of the product.

Key skills: – Analytical skills – Strategic planning – Writing skills – Creativity Average salary: $ 113,200 per year Education: Bachelor’s degree required. Percentage: Male 65% Female 45% 4. Project manager project Manager Or a project manager or, as the people call projet, a professional who is responsible for project management from start to execution. Project managers plan, understand potential risks, manage people, set tasks, and monitor their implementation. Basically, the project manager solves any problems and is responsible for all business processes and procedures. They certainly need to know everything about the field in which they work. This job can be stressful, but it’s really interesting. What does it look like: project manager and his work Basic skills: – Leadership – Communication – Planning – Team management – Management of risks – Critical thinking Average salary: $ 92,500 per year Percentage: Male 69% Female 31% Education: Bachelor degree It’s all for today! Which profession from our list did you like the most?

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