How much does an IT specialist earn in Poland?

30 July 2022

Beginners and experienced IT specialists have always wondered whether it is better to work in their own country or abroad, and the financial factor is one of the most important in such decisions. In developed countries, wages are always higher, but the cost of housing is also expensive. Therefore, you need to consider the average salary for programmers compared to the prices of accommodation and food. This article will provide all the necessary information about working as a tech specialist in Poland.

How affordable is it for an IT specialist to live in Poland?

Poland has fairly affordable housing for employees of IT companies because the average salary covers not only the minimum needs. In comparison with other countries, you can notice that salaries in Poland are not very high. However, compared to all salary rates in the country, it turns out that tech jobs are one of the highest paid. In addition, finding a suitable full-stack developer vacancy in Poland is quite easy.

Your earnings will also fluctuate depending on your experience, position, etc.

On average, a back-end developer earns around PLN 9,500 – 13,000, a front-end developer from PLN 9,880 to 12,500, a DevOps engineer from PLN 8,980 to 13,500, a software developer from PLN 8,030 to 14,000 and so on.

In addition to decent salaries, another advantage is that finding computer programmer jobs in Poland are usually not as challenging as, for example, in the USA. So, if you are actively looking for such a position, we recommend visiting — one of the best recruiting resources.

For comparison, take a look at salaries in other countries.

The average salary of a programmer holding a senior position in the annual report is:

  • USA – $100,000;
  • Germany – $65,000;
  • Switzerland – $53,000;

The US programmers do not consider themselves rich people, but their income is enough for a comfortable life. For instance, 85% of IT developers claim to be completely satisfied with a monthly salary because it allows them to easily pay for food, leisure, travel, rent, clothes, and technology.

If you are not a resident of Poland, you still need to deal with relocation for employees, but many specialized agencies are happy to help you with their services.

What are the main expenses for living in Poland?

Summing up, the Polish level of livelihood is relatively high, given that the average salary of an IT specialist reaches eight thousand PLN, and the expenses of an ordinary family are within five thousand PLN.

Consider the basic expenses for the average family. Renting a house will cost about PLN 1,500, food — about PLN 1,000, transportation — about PLN 150, and the Internet with utilities reach a cost of PLN 700.

Also, do not forget that if you want to live in the capital, you will need to look for a higher-paying job.

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