How to find the perfect job in IT?

11 May 2022

Everyone is familiar with the situation when you are looking for vacancies in your specialty, but you cannot find the ideal one. Not suitable office location, work schedule or salary. A terrific work opportunity appears, but you aren’t a good fit for the organization. Why is this happening, and what can be done to improve the situation so that top HR agencies are pleased? Looking ahead, one possible cause for your failures is that you did not visit and look for job openings there.

So why don’t you see good, attractive vacancies?

According to statistics, only about 20-30% of vacancies are available for open search. It sounds, at first glance, illogical. However, if you study the issue in more detail, it becomes clear why IT employment agencies prefer to hide especially tasty offers and look for specialists through closed recruitment agencies, without publishing them online. The search for an employee is always a risk for the organization, and it will only serve as the second stage of candidate selection at best. Unfortunately, the wrong individual in the wrong position will cost the organization time and money in any situation. You should be aware of a few key regulations in order to avoid missing out on a dream job.

How and where to look for vacancies?

What points can you revise, improve?

  • Resume. The most important document about you with work experience, advantages and disadvantages, examples of work, etc. It should contain the most indicative examples of work, the more experience, the better. A strong resume is only half of the battle. It’s also crucial to convey it properly. The message should be structured as follows: say hello, introduce yourself and speak about the desired position in the organization, explain in two lines why you deserve this position and what work experience has given you such confidence.
  • Build your search query correctly. Always use the right keywords. For example, if you are a solution architect, search for “Solution Architect Vacancies“.
  • As practice shows, people with more than 10 years of experience are more than twice as likely to go to “keep fit” interviews as newcomers. Also among beginners, the percentage of those who do not follow the labor market is high – almost 10%.
  • Remove embarrassment. There are no openings in your ideal company? We send a CV with a request that they remember us and contact us if the desired employment becomes available.
  • Post your resume wherever it’s possible, fill in every line, keywords are important!
  • Ask your friends if they work in related or the same areas as you. They can provide a lot of useful information.
  • Look for vacancies abroad. A huge number of good vacancies are posted on IT staffing companies in the USA and in other countries.

Let’s talk more about where to look for IT jobs. There are many platforms for searching for vacancies and vice versa, for IT specialists. Most IT professionals regularly monitor the labor market. Programmers and other non-technical professionals most often find jobs through referrals.

There is demand, there are also offers, which is why communities are so popular in social networks, which are essentially analogues of job aggregators, only in a different information space. In them, companies and recruiters publish ads with requirements for the candidate and working conditions, and applicants respond to these vacancies. For example, you are looking for a job in New York. Just search for “Staffing agencies NYC” and you’ll be shown communities for that query.

When you managed to find a good vacancy, they answered your resume and gave you the opportunity to do a test task – this is one of the most important moments. Usually it is adequate and takes 1-3 hours. Do it the best you can. If there are experienced comrades who can check the content and tell you where you screwed up, buy them a chocolate bar and ask for help.

Just do not try to ask them to completely complete the test for you. It’s not the same thing. The deception will be revealed. You will ruin your reputation in the IT market.

Pass the interview and have a dream job in your pocket. Follow the trends, constantly update your resume, go through retraining and look for more. Having fulfilled all the conditions, you will definitely find what you like and will be accepted into a wonderful company.

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