How to get a job at Google

20 October 2021

Google is one of the most famous IT companies in the world, so there are a lot of people who want to get a job there. However, not everyone will be able to do so, as they will have to face a huge competition for almost any position in this organization. If you want to know how to get a job at Google, you should pay attention to several steps described below. By sticking to these recommendations, you will be able to slightly increase your chances of getting a job at a well-known American company, which is actually the dream of many.

Writing a resume

A resume for a job at Google is a difficult task, as the company has its own very unusual attitude towards this document. The thing is that the specialists of this organization every year receive millions of applications from those wishing to get a job for this or that vacancy. Of these, the company has to select no more than a few hundred new employees. That is why a properly written resume is the first step towards achieving your goal.

It should be understood that not all information should be included in the resume. The documents should include such data:

  • contacts (email address and cell phone number);
  • education (both basic and additional);
  • Previous work experience;
  • personal qualities (preferably not the most popular type of stress tolerance);
  • hobbies and interests;
  • a list of people who can give references;
  • language skills.

As for work experience, there are a few important nuances to consider about Google’s requirements, too. That said, it’s important to understand that they are not unique. Almost all Western organizations use them.

When describing work experience, you should not only include your own position and the name of the company. It should focus on the successes and accomplishments you have had in your particular position. If you were in sales, be sure to indicate the performance you were able to achieve in your position. At the same time, it is not recommended to describe all the jobs that you were involved in. It will be enough to focus only on those that fit the profile of the job you are interested in.

Recruiters’ tips

If you are looking for a job at Google, your resume should be written in English. It is not necessary to put your photo to the document. In addition, you should pay special attention to the information that in no case should be in your resume. The information includes things like:

  • date of birth;
  • driver’s license;
  • marital status.

If there is too much “water” in your resume, the recruiter will not even read the document. He is not interested in when you graduated from high school or whether you can drive a car.

There are only a few formats in which you are allowed to write your resume:

  • .pdf;
  • .doc;
  • .html.

The most preferred format among them is .pdf. If you execute your resume with all of the above factors in mind, you will be able to get through IT recruiting without any significant problems.

Job Search

Are you interested in a frontend developer job, but you don’t know the best way to find a relevant job? In that case, the following information will help you.

When looking for vacancies, it is best to trust the professionals in their field, who can guarantee you quick employment for the position you are interested in. We are talking about professional recruiting companies working in the field of information technology. One of these organizations is PSR Company, which is headquartered in Kiev.

The best way to find a job is to rely on professionals who can guarantee that you will be hired quickly for the position you are interested in. We are talking about professional recruiting companies working in the field of information technology. One of such organizations is PSR Company, which is headquartered in Kyiw.

Every vacancy has minimum requirements for applicants. If you do not fit at least one point, there is a significant risk that you will be rejected. That is why you need to assess your strengths really objectively. The better you match the employee who is interested in Google, the higher the chance that you will be invited for an interview.

IT recruiting involves searching for jobs by specific position, region, salary, etc. In addition, from time to time Google has an urgent need for new employees. As a rule, such vacancies are published with the signature “For immediate consideration”. Recruiters always respond to such applications by constantly checking for their availability. That way, you don’t have to worry about any of them passing you by.

Submitting your resume and preparing for the interview

If you want to find a job in the frontend by writing your own resume, you need to send it to a recruiting agency. After a while, the specialists of this company will start sending it to Google’s human resources departments for the relevant jobs.  If you pass the selection, you will eventually be invited for an interview – the next mandatory step required when applying for a job. It is one of the most difficult for a large number of job seekers, as it causes stressful emotions that not everyone can cope with.

In order to prepare for an interview, you need to perform just a few steps:

  1. Try to collect all emotions in a fist in order to ultimately be as calm and balanced as possible.
  2. Plan your work day so that you don’t miss an interview.
  3. Explore possible topics that come up during an interview with a HR representative.
  4. Get to know the company, its products and the department for which you want to apply.

Our recruiting agency is ready to help you with the design of your resume and the selection of vacancies. We can hire you for Google or provide a relocation to Poland.

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