How to start in Backend – advice for juniors

13 March 2022

The main task of Backend developers is to be responsible for the internal processes of applications and websites. They build the right data exchange and select systems for storing and managing all the necessary information. Thanks to their hard work, it is possible to ensure maximum productivity and minimum disruptions.

Today, back-end developer jobs on the Internet are popping up more and more often. Many companies are looking for good specialists. How to become a real professional, and what do beginners need to know?

Choosing a programming language

And so, you want to become a backend developer – where to start ? This question is of interest to many who want to learn a new and profitable profession. The first step is to make the right choice regarding the programming language. Today there are a lot of them. Only some are rapidly developing and supplemented by new concepts, while others are used only for specific tasks.

If you are a beginner, then you need to pay attention to scripting languages. For example, it could be Python. It is one of the simplest languages and its syntax is very easy to read. In addition, every year this language becomes more and more in demand, and this is its main advantage. Knowledge in this area allows you to create various interesting projects.

The Go language, which two years ago was recognized as the highest paid in the world, deserves special attention. In backend development, it helps to create microservices and high-load projects. The PHP programming language confidently holds its positions. It is also one of the most popular languages for now.

Having mastered all the basic skills of languages, you need to test them in practice. Start with small projects. After development and implementation, you need to test the product and, if necessary, make changes. This is the only way to achieve maximum results.

It is worth noting that the highly paid professions of programmers are popular all over the world today. Demand for them is growing not only due to good wages. Programming languages are very interesting and open up new opportunities for specialists. It is enough to study the review of salaries in Ukraine , and then everything will immediately become clear.

Introduction to package managers

It’s needed to pay attention on the development of package managers. These are special utilities, thanks to which third-party libraries can be added to the application. Thus, you can significantly expand your capabilities and learn how to create new functions.

With the help of package managers, you can offer your libraries to other developers and earn even more money from this. It is worth noting that each language has its own package manager. Thus, during learning the language, you can immediately understand which managers you have to work with. If necessary, they can always be supplemented with the necessary data and functions.

Knowing programming languages, a specialist will always be able to find a job in the chosen direction. Today our a well-known recruiting company offers a huge selection of vacancies. Experienced HRs will be able to select a job, considering all your requirements. Don’t worry if recruiters don’t call back . They have clear rules for helping recruiters for different companies, so it can take a long time to review your vacancy.

In addition, do not forget that today there are a lot of programmers, and everyone wants to find a job without intermediaries abroad with a good salary. Therefore, be patient, they will definitely call you to offer a good option.

Best practice

To become a good programmer, you need to be able to find the right information and use it correctly. Don’t be afraid to learn from colleagues or other well-known programmers who have been able to demonstrate their unique skills.

By learning common development skills, you will be able to create more complex programs. Today, there are unique cases in the public domain that allow you to get acquainted with the basic skills.

Plus, never be afraid to ask questions. Remember that your career depends on your development.

Test your codes

The ability to create your own codes is very good. But in addition to everything, you need to be able to find your mistakes and bugs. These are the main tasks of all developers. To do this, you need to figure out how the entire testing process is built, and which applications are best to choose for this.

Create your own product and test it. Then make adjustments and test the product in action again. The main thing to remember is that how the code will work in the future depends on your efforts at this stage.

Database Approach

The job of a backend developer is often associated with relational data stores. Therefore, they can rightly be called the basis of all work. But one of the key technologies can rightfully be called SQL databases, which are used both in software development and in web development.

This topic is quite extensive, but it is necessary to understand it, because this is the only way to achieve the goal. As experienced programmers say, there is nothing complicated in this. After learning databases, you will be able to create multi-user programs on your own.

Programmers are people who are constantly evolving. You need to constantly look for useful information, which can then be applied in practice. Remember that technology does not stand still, and you should always keep up with the times, study, attend thematic webinars, read IT forums, etc. This will allow you to find a promising job with a good salary in the future.

Today, IT outsourcing services for companies allow you to find an employee with a certain work experience very quickly and who will fully meet all the stated requirements. Remember that qualified programmers are valued all over the world today, and if you have the potential, feel free to move in this direction.

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