Pros and cons of being a web developer

11 May 2022

Our whole life is more and more immersed in the online world. Communication, work, search for employees, study – none of the spheres of human activity remains on the sidelines when it comes to the Internet. Due to such popularization of the worldwide web and various technologies, there has been a high demand for IT specialists, which caused the appearance of many IT specialists jobs. Today, one of the most popular IT professions is web development, and in this article you will find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of this field of activity.

Benefits of web programming

– High pay. As a rule, very significant salaries, sometimes even exceeding the earnings of the director of their company;

– Ability to work online. Now more than ever, this topic has become popular due to the global pandemic. Web developers can easily work both at home and in the office. There are tons of job openings online, for example junior remote web developer.

– Opportunities for self-study. Web programmers do not need official diplomas, often even higher education is not required by employers at all. Knowledge that can be found on the Internet or from familiar experts is important. For the purpose of additional education, a number of free and paid platforms operate and there are numerous of interactive courses of varying complexity and duration, both online and offline.

– The demand for web programmers in the labor market. Every self-respecting firm or company has its own website that needs to be managed. As experience shows, a good, beautiful website will attract new customers and help to gain confidence in the company. This is an example of a well-designed one: Poorly designed pages in the browser, on the contrary, can spoil the impression and scare off potential buyers.

Disadvantages of web programming

– Web programmers mostly sit at work, rarely having the opportunity to get up and stretch.

– In the process of work, programmers interact with all members of the team, they are not always able to reach a compromise. Difficulties may arise with the customer, who is often distant and unable to clearly express his desires;

– Possible relocation of web developer jobs. In April 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Occupational Outlook Guide was released as a source of information about jobs and careers.

“Employment of computer programmers is projected to decline 8 percent from 2014 to 2024. Computer programming can be done from anywhere in the world, so companies sometimes hire programmers in countries where wages are lower. This ongoing trend is projected to limit growth for computer programmers in the United States. However, the high costs associated with managing projects given to overseas programmers sometimes offsets the savings from the lower wages, causing some companies to bring back or keep programming jobs in the United States”.

So it’s not that less computer programming is required, but that some of it can be offshored by digital staffing agencies to reduce costs.

– Probably one of the main problems of beginner IT specialists is the difficulty of finding vacancies. Companies often need seasoned employees who know web development like the back of their hand, who never get tired, get the job done in the shortest possible time, and also work for a pittance. Sounds unrealistic, right? However, such a concern does exist, which is why it is regularly quite difficult for newcomers to find work both in their own country and abroad. Therefore, if you are one of these beginners and you are attracted to work in America, you can try to look for the ideal vacancy for yourself here: java jobs in USA

Summing up, the profession of a web developer will be in demand for more than one decade, and according to forecasts – much longer. Therefore, if you dream of being realized in IT – this specialty is ideal for you, you should definitely try yourself in it, and you will not be disappointed.

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