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21 November 2020

Professional Staff Recruitment is a reliable company that provides clients with several types of services related to finding the best employees in the IT field. The organization began its activity in 2007. Throughout its existence, our specialists have cooperated with many companies, both Ukrainian and foreign.

Classic recruiting

Our recruiting agency does the selection of IT personnel in Kiev and provides search services of specialists of various professional levels. This process is carried out in several stages:

Signing a formal agreement. It greatly enhances the protection of the rights of each party to the transaction. After that, the customer may not worry that after a while he will not receive a list of potential candidates for open vacancies.

Discussion and approval of the application. At this stage, all the requirements for the specialists that the company is looking for are clarified. The customer specifies the acceptable options for cooperation, indicates wages, etc.

Market analysis. It involves the collection of information about where the specialists needed by the customer work, what their salary is, what conditions of cooperation they agree to, etc. All this data is constantly monitored by the specialists of our agency. After processing the customer’s application, only some nuances are clarified.

Selection of potential candidates. They must meet the criteria of a company that is looking for specialists for open positions. We are talking about the experience of the applicants, their level of education, the desired salary, working conditions and other factors.

Presentation of candidates to the customer. After that, the company’s employees independently select those specialists who better correspond to their idea of ​​the ideal expert in the IT field.

Organization of a personal meeting. This is an interview during which the process of further internship is discussed.

Decision-making. The end of the process of providing services by specialists of our company occurs after the official employment of the applicant at a company where there is an open vacancy for him.

Warranty support. Within 3 months, if an employee decides to resign from his position, we provide him with a replacement – completely free of charge for the employer.

Professional Staff Recruitment is the best recruiting agency for IT specialists in Ukraine. If you are looking for personnel for your company or want to find a job, please contact our specialists for advice.


Our international recruiting company, in addition to the classic search for employees, is also engaged in the provision of outstaffing services. Before using them, you should pay attention to the main advantages of such cooperation. Main advantages are:

The ability of the company to relieve itself of financial and resource support for personnel. These functions are performed by an outstaffing company with which one or another specialist is in cooperation, supported by an appropriate employment contract.

Reducing the number of employees in the staff, which, in turn, facilitates office work and accounting. This is due to the fact that outstaffing workers are registered with the contractor company.

Reducing high risks of errors in the field of labor and tax legislation. The smaller the staff, the easier the company is.

The opportunity to extend the trial period, thus better checking the professional qualities of the employee.

A simple process of dismissing an employee compared to what is required for employment under an employment contract.

The disadvantages of outstaffing are offset by the listed advantages. This is facilitated by the well-established work between the employer and the outstaffing company. Currently in Ukraine it is used by about 10% of all employed developers. If you are interested in programmer vacancies in the USA or Europe, cooperation with us is the best option!

Many IT job search sites are not responsible for how successful the jobseeker’s cooperation with the employer will be. Our specialists guarantee that in the end each side will achieve what it strives for – getting a good specialist and employment, respectively.


Outsourcing is a special type of transfer by an organization of certain types of activities to another company or agency. Thus, it is possible to significantly increase the efficiency of the enterprise as a whole by using the freed up organizational, financial and human resources. They may be needed to develop new directions or improve performance in existing ones.

Information technology outsourcing is the transfer of a number of internal or customer services to a third-party contractor. This can apply to different areas of activity. For example, we are talking about renting software products, applications, hardware and even some parts of the infrastructure. The largest and most active outsourcing players in Ukrainian IT are concentrated in Kiev. Other leading outsourcing centers include Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro and Odessa. This type of collaboration accounts for 43% of all developers in the country. If we take into account the 10% working through outstaffing, more than half of all programmers in Ukraine are employed in the field of remote employment.

Outsourcing is often used by developers. This applies to software, mobile applications, websites, etc. Writing codes and styling the appearance of various products may not only be necessary for IT companies. If you are a full stack developer, outsourcing is exactly the kind of cooperation that will be quite profitable for you (you can work both on a permanent basis and on a temporary basis). It directly depends on what goal you set yourself. A full stack developer receives a higher salary than other developers. This is due to the fact that such specialists need to be universal experts in different fields. Their responsibilities include developing a project from scratch and ensuring its competitiveness.

Front end jobs are also in demand in outsourcing. This is due to the popularity of this type of activity, which involves programming the client side of the user interface of web resources. The hardware and software part of the service in this case remains intact. If you are urgently looking for a job as an IT specialist, the easiest way to do this is through outsourcing. Contact our specialists for help, and you will receive really high-quality services in this area.

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