Recruiting in Chernihiv

2 September 2021

We are an employment agency from Ukraine, which has been providing its recruitment services in the country and abroad since 2007. Our goal is to find suitable candidates with the required qualifications for the employer, and to give job seekers the opportunity to find a suitable vacancy. We approach each of our clients (both employer and job seeker) individually, carefully analyze the situation and needs, and then select and offer the most suitable solutions.

If you still do not believe that an easy job search in Ukraine is a reality, then we recommend you to contact our recruiters. In a short time, you will be offered vacancies that are fully comparable with your knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as corresponding to other individual requests.

You are looking for the right employee – we are ready to provide you with one

We will be happy to support you and your company during the candidate selection process. Thanks to our years of experience, good knowledge of the labor market and access to resumes of candidates who are specialists in various IT fields, we can reduce the process of finding and hiring experienced professionals to a minimum.

When you leave the question of selecting personnel for your company to us, you can be sure that you will pass this task on to professionals. First of all, you save the time needed to organize and conduct interviews. We search for our candidates all over Ukraine, we use proven methods and the best tools to find the best candidates in their segment. We will help you find permanent employees in the office, as well as people willing to work remotely.

It is due to the quick search of specialists and competent determination of them for vacant positions that the majority of clients speak about us as about the best recruitment agency in Chernihiv.

The main advantages of cooperation for job seekers include:

  • We work only with verified employers.
  • We check each of them in terms of solvency and real working conditions.
  • We negotiate the most favorable terms of employment, as the satisfaction of applicants with the work done is important for us.
  • Our specialists, working to find a vacancy specifically for a particular specialist, will be available to you throughout the entire period of cooperation and are ready to answer any questions that may arise.

The advantages for employers are as follows:

  • We quickly find candidates for a vacant position.
  • We check applicants’ qualifications, test them and conduct a preliminary interview.
  • We can guarantee that the suggested candidate corresponds to the requirements that were stated during the vacancy registration on our site.
  • We search for specialists using open and closed resources, which doubles the chances for the company to get competent professionals.

International Recruitment

Are you wondering what else a recruiting company does? We do international recruitment. Let’s take a brief look at what it is and what the benefits are.

Increasing difficulties in finding qualified employees in local European markets are prompting employers to conduct international recruitment. At Professional Staff Recruitment, we effectively support clients in the professional recruitment of Ukrainian employees to work abroad. We search and select the best candidates, recommending those who best suit the companies’ needs. Selected employees from Ukraine work permanently in German, Austrian, Norwegian and English companies.

With an excellent knowledge of the European labor market, Professional Staff Recruitment selects the resources and tools most suitable for a specific recruitment project.

The process is the core responsibility of a team of experienced recruiters who successfully recruit international employees.

The benefits of international recruitment for employers:

  • Professional service. We conduct the recruitment process quickly and professionally. We guarantee the best opportunities and official employment for everyone.
  • Broad candidate database. We have an extensive database for the selection of personnel in the city of Chernigov, interested in employment outside of Ukraine. It is possible that your ideal candidate is already in our database.
  • Knowledge of European and Ukrainian labor market. We know how to find the best candidates, where to place your job ad, and how to communicate with job seekers.
  • Cost optimization. The recruitment process will cost you less than looking for candidates on your own, especially if you have no experience in this field.
  • Process outsourcing. Your involvement in recruiting applicants will be minimal and limited to interviewing the selected candidates and hiring one of them.
  • Time optimization. Working with us you will reduce the waiting time to the maximum, we will present the first candidates in a few days after their application.
  • Individual approach and support. An experienced IT Recruiting Agency consultant in Chernigov will be at your disposal from the first interview with the candidates until the signing of the contract.
  • Warranty. We provide a guarantee for the international recruitment service, and if the employee fails, we will find a new candidate for free.

Different IT professions require certain skills from specialists, and it is not always possible for companies to determine at the selection stage whether or not a given candidate is suitable for them. Our recruiting agency offers two-way assistance and support to meet the needs of both employers and applicants.  With us, it’s easy to find a javascript job or get a position as an IT manager in a large company!

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