Recruiting in Kherson

2 September 2021

Diligence, high motivation and willingness to work overtime make Ukrainian workers an integral part of the staff of many international IT companies, in particular firms located in Eastern Europe. Employers, appreciating flexibility, mobility, cultural and linguistic proximity, willingly hire employees from Ukraine to perform complex tasks and guarantee decent working conditions and good wages.

If you are also looking for programmers for work or if you are a job seeker who wants to get into a modern, rapidly company with career prospects – we have a solution for you! The best on the market vacancies of Web Designers, JavaScript, Web Developer and many others are waiting for you.

Our International Employment Services

With an extensive network of trusted business partners in Europe and America, we provide job seekers with our overseas employment services quickly and efficiently. We select candidates according to industry requirements and the employer’s organizational culture. The cooperation model and the form of employment are outlined according to the client’s current needs.

It is also important to mention that we take care of the legality of the employment and introduce new documentation procedures in advance to ensure a quick search for candidates and guarantee the continuity of your business. By choosing to work with our recruiting company, you will get a reliable and safe business partner!

With Professional Staff Recruitment you will be able to:

  • significantly reduce the internal staffing load;
  • free up your personal and temporary resources;
  • optimize financial costs for the HR department;
  • reduce labor costs.

Our rapidly growing recruiting company in Kherson is distinguished by vast experience (on the market since 2007) and regular implementation of know-how for attracting valuable and motivated employees for both simple IT vacancies and for technical departments or those who require special knowledge and skills.

What clients get by cooperating with Professional Staff Recruitment:

  • We take care of the entire recruitment and employment process.
  • We provide comprehensive services, including transportation, accommodation and medical examination for employees.
  • We provide the necessary training support.
  • Recruit valuable employees quickly and efficiently based on workplace requirements.
  • We provide a personalized approach and flexible adaptation of solutions to the needs and specifics of the IT industry.

If you want to become one of our applicants, you should be familiar with the following features of it recruiting:

  • We recruit and select candidates based on the specifics of the industry and the requirements of the vacancy.
  • We comprehensively deal with the employment process – we draw up documents, send employees for an interview, ensure timely signing of contracts.
  • We provide a full range of HR services.
  • We provide the necessary support.

Finding the ideal employee for a job requiring specialized knowledge and skills can become a long and tedious process. Selecting the right candidates and being interested in their offers, in addition to having a good knowledge of the job market, also requires an out-of-the-box approach, an extensive network of contacts and experience using the direct search method.

If you want to find a php job or if you are a company looking for a reliable business partner who will relieve your HR department and professionally recruit and select employees for key positions in your company – choose Professional Staff Recruitment.

Thanks to our advanced recruitment strategies, constantly expanding and updating our database of candidates and knowledge of the labor market, headhunters can provide an effective recruitment of specialists and managers for companies. We support our clients with knowledge and experience at every stage of the project. With us, the question of where to find a job will no longer give you so many headaches, we assure you.

What can we do for you?

We will create a competency model of the candidate and choose the optimal method of recruitment, find the best candidates with the necessary qualifications, relevant knowledge and high motivation.

At the client’s request, we will conduct a professional job interview using additional tools (our recruiters are aware of what a php programmer should know, so they can unmistakably test the candidate and check his level) and provide all candidates with the necessary feedback.

A dedicated consultant or team of specialists who recruit employees for your company, calculate working hours, deal with administrative and personnel issues, thus facilitating the work of the internal HR department.

Thanks to experience, our employees provide support already at the planning stage and determining the necessary human resources. All this leads to efficient recruitment and reduced staff turnover, especially in the first period of employment.

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