Recruiting in Kryvyi Rih

2 September 2021

There are many companies on the Ukrainian market whose activities are aimed at providing assistance in finding employment. Unfortunately, our stereotyped thinking often says that the employment agency is always overwork, terrible conditions for cooperation and low pay. And this, of course, is absolutely not true!

Our profile recruiting agency in Krivoy Rog is a company that allows you to find a job even for those IT specialists who have already despaired and given up. If you have been searching for a long time and have been sending your resume to employers for many months to no avail, and there is silence in response, then it’s time to apply for Professional Staff Recruitment.

We have the best vacancies for a web designer, programmer, JavaScript developer, etc.

What is a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies in Ukraine have just begun to develop dynamically in the last few years, while in Western Europe they already have their own specific traditions. According to experts, this state of affairs is due to the fact that some Ukrainian companies still do not see the benefits from working with such structures. Also, we should not forget that recruitment agencies direct their services mainly to large enterprises with hundreds of employees, while not taking into account small enterprises that also need competent recruitment with the help of recruiters.

How do recruitment agencies search for personnel? Everything is extremely simple here. They are engaged in a complex recruitment process at the request of their client, that is, a company that has a direct interest in hiring employees. The agency’s advantage over job-creating companies in terms of hiring is manifested mainly when looking at the qualifications of specialized specialists.

Thus, in practice, recruiting agency managers are responsible for recruiting and selecting candidates with certain skills or qualifications. They create a three-way labor relationship between the employee, the client and the intermediary, i.e. the agency itself. The employing organization determines the job obligations and pays the specified wages to employees who, in turn, are subordinate to the client and must follow the orders of the head, which, of course, cannot go beyond the scope of duties stipulated by the employment contract.

In order to get a job in large companies in Ukraine and at the same time not to doubt the honesty and integrity of the recruiting company, trust reliable agencies such as Professional Staff Recruitment. Over the years of work, we have managed to create an exceptionally positive reputation, which we maintain and increase daily. Our team consists of specialists with a huge experience who are ready to work tirelessly to ensure that you get what you came for!

What are the advantages of this type of agency

From the employer’s point of view, this is constant access to labor resources, which is necessary mainly in the event of a sudden shortage of personnel or seasonal bursts of international recruiting. Such an employer does not need to waste time on formalities and a tedious hiring process – it is the temporary recruitment agency that provides him with ready-made employees. Thus, the payment of contributions, the calculation of working hours and the maintenance of employee records are also the tasks of the agency.

On the other hand, from the point of view of job seekers, employment agencies provide access to many narrow profile orders. Therefore, people who cannot get a full-time job or are just looking for a job in their spare time can make their lives easier by simply seeking help from the recruitment agency professionals in Kryvyi Rih.

It is also worth noting that we employ specialists, the so-called headhunters, who know perfectly well how to conduct the recruitment process and find applicants with the right predispositions or experience among numerous potential candidates. Recruiters can be brought in to handle the entire recruitment process.

In truth, such services have a cost, but they can be beneficial for those companies that conduct numerous recruiting and do not have a specialized department. Having received all the necessary information from the customer, recruiters select documents for the application, conduct interviews and find people with the necessary qualifications and skills. The employer, in turn, receives a very detailed report on the work done and its final results.

So if you want to find a great job, we are waiting for you at Professional Staff Recruitment just today.

Advantages of our employment agency

Our recruitment agency is trying to provide the employer with what he wants to build – a well-coordinated and responsible team. We support two sides of the market: we help candidates looking for a job and we provide competent professionals for customers.

The main role of our company is services for the selection of its specialists in Krivoy Rog, establishing contacts between employers and candidates and the initial selection of potential employees. If this is exactly what you need, then we will be happy to help with the choice.

Since recruiting is the responsibility of experts who know exactly what to look for when interviewing potential candidates, the likelihood that hired employees will not be able to fulfill their obligations is almost null. This is especially important when the functioning of the entire IT company depends on the actions of individual employees. It is worth noting that when it comes to organizations with hundreds of employees, it is especially difficult to find a well-coordinated team. That’s why it’s so important to know what to look for when talking to individual candidates.

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