Recruiting in Zhytomyr

2 September 2021

A wide portfolio of services and different ways of finding employees allow our recruitment agency in Zhytomyr to satisfy even the most demanding requirements of our clients. We look for only the most suitable candidates for the required positions. Thanks to this, most clients who turn to us for recruitment are satisfied with the cooperation and return to us again and again.

Successful implementation of our projects is the result of reliable cooperation and high qualification of Professional Staff Recruitment Agency specialists. We respect the needs of each client, so we can quickly and efficiently find the necessary employees for your company, and offer the most favorable terms of employment.

Recruiting benefits for our clients

Professional Staff Recruitment offers classic as well as international recruitment. We implement comprehensive solutions for the recruitment and talent search processes in various IT fields. We have an extensive database of potential applicants in Ukraine, Central and Western Europe, and also a wide network of recruitment centers. Many people know us as the best employment agency for programmers in Poland. But we also help Ukrainian specialists to find well-paid jobs in other countries.

Thanks to many years of activity, we are able to unify and simplify the employment process, contribute to the globalization of the European labor market, offer the best job opportunities to job seekers from different regions of the country and ample earning opportunities.

We carry out recruitment in Zhitomir and many other cities in Ukraine, guaranteeing our customers:

  • A comprehensive recruitment process.
  • We help to analyze and create profiles of candidates you are looking for.
  • Effectively work with the best candidates, whose resumes are not publicly available.
  • Conduct parallel recruiting events through all available channels.
  • We test candidates’ knowledge, skills and abilities and conduct a comprehensive assessment of qualifications.
  • Our it recruitment agency in Zhitomir maintains two-way communication in the recruitment process.
  • We offer an employee adaptation program.
  • We guarantee privacy in staff recruitment.
  • We save the time of the client.

We recruit comprehensively with a full service option or partially according to the client’s needs. As part of our comprehensive services we also provide adaptation of candidates to the work process. We are ready to find both people for remote work and employees who will work in the office on a permanent basis.

Meeting the needs of both employers and job seekers is key to our success. We listen to clients on both sides of the negotiation table and look for the best fit for both.

How does recruitment happen?

Those who have already cooperated with us before know that the scope of the Professional Staff Recruitment Agency is quite broad. We carry out the selection of suitable personnel quickly, professionally, with the help of system processes and our own know-how. In the process of searching for candidates we carry out:

  • Developing a detailed specification for a specific job.
  • Creating a profile of a suitable candidate.
  • Market analysis and obtaining the maximum amount of relevant information.
  • Determination of motivating factors for the participants.
  • Selection of suitable target groups of candidates for the task.
  • Building a base of potential candidates.
  • Communication, survey and testing of the selected professionals.
  • Selecting the most appropriate candidate.
  • The process of drafting a contract, processing visa requirements and entering into an employment relationship
  • Preparation of selected candidates for future employment, employee adaptation to new labor relations

Still don’t know where to find a good programmer? Then it’s time to fill out the form on our website and entrust the search process to our professional recruiters.

How to check a recruiting agency

First and foremost, in order to ensure that your requests are met, you need the organization that provides recruiting services to have years of experience in the field. At Professional Staff Recruitment, hiring processes are overseen by recruiters who have personal experience in similar positions, so they understand your needs better.

Thanks to our extensive network of contacts and references, we are well connected to most of the market. That is why we are convinced that we can also comprehensively provide outsourcing services, personnel consultations in the field of people management.

Often when looking for staffing agencies, people fall for the bait of fraudsters.And here it is important to understand what are the distinctive features of recruiting companies, with which it is better not to get involved:

  • Lack of license.
  • The legal address of the organization is not specified.
  • When selecting candidates, no attention is paid to the candidate’s specialization, knowledge of the language, etc.
  • Offers illegal employment in other countries.

We are a stable employment agency that has been on the market since 2007. Our main advantage is an individual approach to each of the parties to the labor relationship, legal registration of employees, support in the employment process.

Increase your chances of getting a job or finding skilled labor in the shortest possible time. Do not hesitate to contact us to get a job in Kiev backend or any other segment of the IT niche.

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