The main levels of PHP developers and the benefits of each of them

17 December 2020

Having learned this or that programming language, you can start working in the IT field. It should be understood that the higher your training, the more highly paid vacancy you can count on. On the website of our agency, you can easily get a job in different companies – both Ukrainian and foreign. It can be both temporary and permanent employment. If you have very serious training, you should pay attention to the vacancy of a php developer. What is its essence and what are its features?

What is PHP?

The abbreviation PHP comes from the English phrase Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a scripting language that is used to write a variety of scripts for web applications. It was developed in 1995. Its initial task was to implement the generation of pages in html. It is worth paying attention to the fact that Hypertext Preprocessor has absorbed a lot of elements from Perl. This language is interpreted, which means that no compilation is required for it to work. At the same time, it should be understood that without knowledge in mathematics and algorithms, it is almost impossible to become a truly successful and in-demand programmer.

If you want to become a PHP developer, you should visit the relevant vacancies section of our agency Professional Staff Recruitment, the address of which is located at the link: Choose the option that suits you best and send your resume. If your skills and qualifications are suitable for the employer, you will eventually be invited for an interview. Based on its results, a decision is made to provide a test task. Then, under a favorable set of circumstances, an appropriate employment contract is signed with you. It is in it that all the rights and obligations of each of the parties are indicated. This document will further regulate your mutual cooperation.

Developers of different levels: Junior, Middle, Senior

IT companies put forward a fairly large number of different requirements for jobseekers. They depend, among other things, on the level of this or that specialist. Some employers are looking for a Junior Developer with no relevant work experience. As a result, his wages will not be the highest. Other companies prefer Middle-programmers who are able to take on large volumes of work, being responsible for their quality and testing.

In turn, Senior developers are leading specialists who are fully responsible for the entire project. They need to have the most in-depth knowledge and perfect skills. That is why the work of such programmers is valued above the rest. Before submitting your vacancy, you need to assess your own capabilities. To do this, you should pay attention to what requirements employers put forward to specialists of different levels of training.

Junior developer

Any Junior developer is a specialist who is completely lacking any experience or qualifications in a particular technology. Most often, such specialists are hired into a team under the guidance of stronger colleagues. It is not uncommon for a Junior Developer to play the role of an intern. Often he is a university graduate who has not yet implemented a single project.

Colleagues help Junior-developers not only with the formulation of the problem, but also with the choice of tools for solving it. That is why such specialists are entrusted with fairly simple tasks that are not critical for the project. In this way, training is arranged, which ultimately leads to the receipt of appropriate results. Within 1-1.5 years, any Junior developer can apply for a higher category.

Middle developer

If a programmer has certain experience and skills, he can position himself as a Middle-developer. His main difference from a beginner is the ability to work independently. Sometimes he cannot without help determine priorities or choose the most effective ways to solve problems, but at the same time he needs much less supervision from older and more experienced colleagues.

We should also pay attention to the fact that the Middle-developer makes much fewer mistakes. Because of his experience, he often manages to find very non-standard solutions that can often turn out to be more effective than those used by other programmers. The main thing in this case is to follow new technologies and not forget to develop.

Senior developer

Confident and experienced professionals who have already completed several large projects are considered Senior Developers. They are capable of successfully completing almost any task on their own. In order to reach this level, you need at least 4 years from the beginning of a full-fledged career. For some programmers, this process takes much longer.

A senior developer is able to single-handedly make the right decisions. He makes almost no mistakes and can quickly appreciate the work of others. Often, such specialists spend less time writing code, and more time verifying the solutions of their colleagues. Senior developers prioritize and define directions for project development. In addition, they are unequivocal experts in a particular field. This, in turn, is highly regarded in the labor market.

If you are looking for a job in the IT field, visit the website of our agency, PSRcompany. Here you can find many vacancies – both from Ukrainian and foreign employers.

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