Top IT careers you should pay attention to

9 May 2022

Labor market experts tend to agree that going for an IT job in the following years is one of the most profitable choices that a job seeker can make. However, the directions vary, so a common concern is which particular job is a better fit for a tech specialist. A universal answer does not exist as different job seekers have personal preferences, sets of skills, and goals. To solve this problem, we have collected some promising careers which may spark an idea of what to strive for. Read the article to learn more about top IT jobs and prospects for professional development.

Front end developer

The front-end refers to the so-called client-side of a site designed to be visible and interacted with. Front end specialist is responsible for accurately conveying the designer’s vision in the website layout to make the interface work properly. Such developers are in demand as the number of websites is constantly growing, and companies are ready to pay for their sites to be attractive and functionally convenient at the same time.

General requirements:

  • Proficient knowledge of several coding languages;
  • Understanding of WPO and SEO;
  • Experience in using graphic design apps;
  • Must know JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

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Data scientist

Data scientists have to process tons of information, collecting and systematizing it to extract necessary data and interpret it as patterns by analyzing. Candidates for such positions must possess excellent mathematical, analytical, and technical skills to deal with enormous amounts of randomly organized data. This profession stands at the forefront of the future, being in demand in global and local markets. According to HR experts, IT staffing companies expect job offers to increase dramatically.

General requirements:

  • Strong knowledge of Python, C, C++, and other languages;
  • Experience with toolkits for data analysis;
  • Adaptability to different data sources;
  • Stress resilience.

Software developer

Software pros specialize in developing websites, applications, and other programs for various devices. They generate ideas for user-oriented software solutions which will work flawlessly for particular purposes set by clients. Developers should have both creative and technical thinking styles to come up with brilliant ideas while understanding how to put them into practice. A widespread digitalization will expand the global list of such vacancies even more.

General requirements:

  • Knowledge of programming languages (requirements vary for different positions);
  • Keeping up to date with commercial tendencies;
  • Great teamworking skills;
  • Must have experience with development toolkits.

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DevOps engineer

DevOps engineers generally balance interpersonal skills and technical competence as they manage the development cycle of the applications in progress. These specialists communicate with development and operations staff to administer the working process, bridge gaps between everyone contributing, and set proper frameworks. Since a DevOps engineer should be an IT generalist, this job is mainly open to seniors, but hardworking juniors also have promising prospects. The development of DevOps as a concept of IT management has led to increased demand for skilled engineers.

General requirements:

  • Ability to see a summary image of the team’s work;
  • Writing codes in several programming languages;
  • Technical knowledge of DevOps tools;
  • High level of communicability.

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Python developer

Python is a programming language topping the preferences of many IT specialists. The language is used to create various web applications for different commercial and other purposes. Also, Python is very friendly to junior developers because of simple learning and strong community support. As for the prospects, Python vacancies are skyrocketing, so it is fairly easy to apply for one.

General requirements:

  • Excellent knowledge of Python programming;
  • Good coding and testing skills;
  • Strive to learn more;
  • Experience with coding tools.

We hope that the list above has inspired you to choose mentioned jobs. It’s your time to google “recruiting agency near me” and start your dream career right now!

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