Types of IT professions and how to choose the perfect one for yourself

11 May 2022

Ask a person to name any IT profession that comes to his mind first, and he will most likely answer “programmer”. Others will add a web developer, an SEO specialist, a designer… But in general, the list is usually quite small. IT recruiting firms really need new employees and the types of specialties are sometimes difficult to calculate. There are dozens of IT professions, and if you decide to change the field of activity, you should clearly understand what the current market realities are, what is worth studying and where you can earn good money. With the help of https://psrcompany.com/en/ we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of IT specialties that are now in demand.

Development and design

Let’s start with the most highly specialized direction. This area of ​​IT includes experts who are engaged in web development, the creation of software and systems to solve certain problems.

  • A programmer – as a rule, develops software for desktop and mobile operating systems for specific tasks and goals of the customer. Works with Ruby, Java, C#, 1C etc. The most common IT specialist vacancies just for this profession.
  • Front-end developer – a specialist responsible for developing the interface of the site. That is, it makes the resource the way the end user sees it.
  • Back-end developer is a specialist responsible for the part of the site that the user does not see, but which is responsible for its normal operation.
  • A QA engineer is a person who tests a project at different stages of its creation and development. Its task is to detect errors and inaccuracies in time in order to quickly eliminate them and avoid accumulation.
  • Systems engineers monitor all systems used by the company and look for more efficient ways to work. Jobs for Systems Engineering, by the way, are now insanely in demand.

Promotion and optimization

In the era of active competition, it is not enough to create a convenient and functional website or application for them to become popular and in demand. And here professions in IT related specifically to promotion enter the scene.

  • An SEO specialist is a person who optimizes websites for their promotion in Yandex, Google and other search engines. A good SEO specialist is worth its weight in gold, because every year the war for the first places in search results is growing.
  • A Data Scientist usually creates algorithms that predict the demand for a company’s services. Data Scientist jobs in United States are very popular today.
  • A content manager is a person who is essentially the editor of a website. He is engaged in the formation of the content plan, monitors the relevance of the content of the site, controls the work of authors, editors, proofreaders and everyone who somehow works with the content on the site.
  • A web programmer is a specialist who is primarily responsible for the development of a web resource. This IT profession is closely related to the direction of development, but at the same time, a web programmer actively cooperates with marketers and designers, which is why it is not entirely correct to associate it only with development.

Administration and work with automation systems

Administration is a very broad concept. And if desired, dozens of professions in the IT field can be attributed to it. But we still focus on a few of the most popular and in demand at the moment.

  • A database architect is a person who selects, implements, and refines software products in accordance with the goals set, monitors the normal operation of databases, controls the teamwork of employees who work with the database.
  • Site administrator – monitors the operation of the web resource, detects errors and bugs, monitors attack attempts by intruders, is responsible for the security of the resource, as well as all users who visit it.
  • A database administrator is a specialist who maintains databases, monitors their correct filling and use.

Having studied the list of all the presented professions, it is quite easy to choose the most attractive one for yourself. It is also very helpful to browse the sites looking for jobs at talent agencies. We hope the article was useful to you!

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