What is DevOps and why is it so important

11 May 2022

When it comes to IT companies, a huge team of developers, designers, managers, testers always comes to mind. How was the recruitment of specialists in the company? A staffing job agency offers vacancies, people respond to them, and now you already have a whole team of employees. But when it comes to the release of the final product, there is a lot of controversy. For example, when a developer reproduces the code locally, he believes that it can already be released, if problems still arose, then the operation team believed that this was only the fault of the developers, so everything fell on them.Due to this approach to completing tasks, the release of products was often delayed, and the quality of the final product almost always became worse. It also left its mark on the fact that a lot of changes appeared in one release, so it was difficult to figure out what caused concerns in production. You can learn more about this at https://psrcompany.com/en/news/

Where did it all start and what did it lead to?

The current was born in order to solve such problems, to organize the whole process and help eliminate such misunderstandings so that new types of professions began to show up and, consequently, a lot of jobs for devOps appeared. According to statistics, with a DevOps approach, the number of bugs during application deployment is reduced by five times.

What is devOps and what does it consist of?

In simple words, devOps is short for Development Operations. The DevOps movement began in 2008 with the goal of resolving these issues. The contacts between development and operations teams were seen as a concern by many firms. DevOps was designed to serve as a bridge between the development and operations teams. As a result, the necessity for professionals of this type became increasingly apparent on the recruiters websites.

When developing a work plan, a DevOPS engineer helps determine which architecture to use in the program, how exactly the scaling will take place.

At the same time, he deals with solving problems that arise in the work of developers, managers and other specialists.

In the DevOps culture, there are numerous jobs that are associated with professions:

  • Build Engineer The person in charge of writing the code. He pulls up dependencies and processing code conflicts.
  • Code delivery from development to production is the responsibility of the release engineer. The release engineer decides which branch will go into testing and which build will go into production.
  • Automation Engineer. His responsibilities include automatic building when pushing to git, running tests, deploying to staging, and deploying to production. A crucial function in the DevOps methodology.

DevOps has two main principles:

  1. Perception of infrastructure (servers, configuration) as a single code, in which it is enough to make one amendment for the whole project to change. This idea eliminates the need for manual adjustment of individual elements.
  2. The multifunctionality of programmers who do not just “write code”, but are aware of how this affects the entire project.

How to become a DevOps engineer and where to start?

DevOps engineers are defined by their experience rather than their expertise of certain software. DevOps professionals are always learning, studying, and experimenting with new projects and technology.

The main thing to understand is that a DevOps specialist has a really good outlook. To expand it, you need to constantly engage in self-study.

So here are some piece of advice to beginners:

  1. Write a small application right away (any language can be chosen).
  2. After that, we can add work with the database: let our users be stored in the database. Keeping the database structure adjacent to the code and learning how to run migrations with fresh modifications is always better and easier. Your new application will be able to synchronize the database to the proper structure based on this.
  3. The more practice, the better! For an IT specialist, practice is very important.
  4. Last but not least, feel free to look abroad. Today there are already so many devOps vacancies in the USA alone that anyone can find a job for every taste.

Summing up, we have analyzed this interesting and necessary direction in the world of it. Do not be afraid of new opportunities and changes, very often available and attractive vacancies appear abroad, here IT relocation companies will come to your aid. Professions in this direction are now very popular and in demand, which they will remain for a long time.

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