Where is it better to live and work for an IT specialist?

11 May 2022

Novice IT professionals (developers, web designers, content managers – it doesn’t matter) everyone at the beginning and in the course of their career thinks about how to improve their skills and find a higher paying position. Since you started reading this article, it means that this topic is close and interesting to you, so today we will analyze where it is better to live and work: at home or in the office, within your country or abroad. Is it worth looking for IT jobs with relocation or in your country you can find an option no worse. The Covid-19 pandemic has divided employers into two camps. Some are returning employees to office spaces, others continue to support the remote format.

Online or offline?

Today most of the opinions among young people are inclined to believe that it is still much better to work at home, while older people are used to the fact that there must be a team and that everyone should know each other face to face. For specialties, the team is especially important, so if you need backend jobs, you should seriously think about how well you get along with colleagues, as this can affect the quality of the final product. The National Bureau of Economic Research in the United States in 2021 found that remote work is indeed more productive. Despite this, we will analyze a few pros and cons.


  • Free schedule
  • Time spent commuting to work. No one wants to spend on a trip home, to work every day, If the office is far from the specialist’s place of residence, working from home becomes an ideal way out of the situation
  • Communication with colleagues (A plus for introverts or non lucky people with unfriendly team)
  • Availability and selection of vacancies. (It can be difficult to find a bunch of IT jobs in a recruitment agency that would suit you perfectly with a convenient office location, while the same vacancies, but with the ability to work online, simplify everything.)


  • We will also add communication with colleagues to the list of disadvantages, since many people like to be in a team, be inspired by colleagues and receive live help.
  • Discipline
  • Functional equipment (is a minus for people who do not have a laptop or a stationary PC suitable for their work)

In your own country or abroad?

The majority of indicators in America and other nations differ in their attitudes toward America.

Many people feel that a low pay outside the United States is offset by low living costs. Even after accounting for this, salaries in other nations still fall short of those in the United States.

According to research, Seattle is the greatest city for developers. Median incomes are close to Silicon Valley levels, thanks to corporations like Amazon and Microsoft, and lower rents mean more money saved each month. Consider the backend developer salary, which can range from $76,852 to $187,520.

What’s going on in other countries?

  • Oslo is at the top of the list, but the job market there is modest. There are only 106 job openings in Oslo right now, compared to 22,554 in New York.
  • Tel Aviv has a technopark, and the job market appears to be healthy.
  • Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are placed 3rd, 4th, and 5th.
  • Berlin is ranked sixth on the list.
  • Bangalore merits special consideration because it has the highest number of job openings and the lowest actual income.
  • London’s actual income is below the global average and lower than in the United States.
  • Beijing is another place that may surprise you. Many people are captivated by technological breakthroughs and unique conditions for local businesses entering the domestic market, but there are better possibilities when it comes to pay.

Following from this, only one thing comes to mind: today the most profitable and profitable country for IT is the United States. Take, for example, a JavaScript developer in the USA, who will get a great job there and be able to afford good housing even in the center of a big city. For professionals who are brave and not afraid to leave comfort zone, the choice is obvious.

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