Where to Find a Job as a Beginner Programmer

21 October 2021

Your programming apprenticeship is coming to an end and you don’t know how to start looking for your first job in the profession? There are proven ways that will improve your chances among the competition and make it easy to get your dream job!

Today it is possible to find a job as a programmer without experience, and our professional recruiters will tell you how to do it.

The first step – creating a portfolio

A portfolio is absolutely essential to any developer! If you want to stand out among other candidates, show why you should be chosen. No experience with a profile company? That is not the worst thing.

The key to success is to show your skills before you are invited for an interview. You can do this by simply sending in a resume with important projects you’ve worked on or participated in. These could be, for example, applications that you had to deal with during your studies or individual programming courses, or your own projects created from scratch.

As a first-time IT job candidate, you don’t need to be a master at coding, and your creations shouldn’t bring the recruiter to his knees. Your portfolio should show that you are ready to give in and that you are really interested in programming If you do not know how to create a portfolio, we recommend you to contact our recruiters directly, they know where IT specialists from Ukraine are looking for work and will help you to become one of the candidates who will be hired by a serious Ukrainian or foreign company.

Unfortunately, some people pay very little attention to what information goes on their resume. This is a big mistake, and this is how you can miss out on a great deal. Therefore, first of all:

  • Adjust your resume according to the position you are applying for;
  • List the skills that will be useful to you, and present them in a comprehensively;
  • Highlight your knowledge of specific technologies and demonstrate your level of expertise;
  • focus on your skills and potential by highlighting them.
  • Don’t forget about the aesthetics of the document, because recruiters are mostly psychologists, who may perceive a sloppy resume as a lack of commitment and willingness to work.

Remember that your portfolio is your calling card and the key to success in your future job. If you want to get a job as an IT specialist in Europe, double your vigilance and check that your resume meets international standards.

Stay up-to-date on current IT job offers

Even before you look for a job in your profession, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for emerging job offers. Find out what skills companies require and what you should learn before starting a career. This will help you be better prepared for your job search.

Contrary to popular belief, there are not many advertisements for recruiting novice ios app developers. Therefore, in order not to miss it, it is worth subscribing, for example, to the newsletter of the latest news of thematic forums and Facebook groups for juniors.

It is also important to attend industry events. A newcomer needs to literally “break into” the IT environment and get to know as many people in the industry as possible.

By participating in job fairs and IT meetings you can learn a lot of useful things for you. Perhaps in the future someone will recommend you to a particular company, or you will meet people who will tell you how to get an internship as a programmer in a company with a worldwide reputation.

Send a message to the Professional Staff Recruitment team

A well-filled resume for Professional Staff Recruitment will help you get your dream job as a senior php or java programmer faster.Our recruiters will select the best IT vacancies and will do their best to help you get your dream job in Ukraine or abroad.

Here are some basic steps:

  • carefully specify your professional experience – write down what you were responsible for (remember – free student internships are more important here than a solid position in a company far from IT);
  • be sure to add in the description that you are open to new career opportunities;
  • study the offers on the site yourself, analyze and compare them to your capabilities, as well as receive a newsletter with information about the latest recruitment in IT companies from our recruiters.

Once the first stage has been passed and you have been invited to an interview, remember to prepare properly for the recruitment process. Explore the frequently asked questions for applicants for a similar position, remember that you have the Internet and social media for this, so feel free to take full advantage of them!

Finding your first job is never easy, and the IT industry is no exception. Even if no one responds to your first applications, do not despair! It takes time to find your dream job, so if something went wrong, make sure you followed all the tips we listed above.

Having studied the rating of recruiting agencies in Europe, you will be able to visually evaluate all the advantages that you will get from applying to such a company in Ukraine. Our team works to help job seekers and companies with high recruitment demands find each other. Whether you need it relocation of programmers to the Netherlands or you want to get a job as a Junior programmer in Poland – Professional Staff Recruitment will help to solve this issue.

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