Why contract jobs in IT is a good choice

7 May 2022

The rapid development of the IT field has significantly diversified the global list of job opportunities, adding various options for job seekers. Nowadays, you can choose not only from countless directions to develop in IT but also from different types of employment and working environments. In such a context, the substantial growth of contract job offers is not a surprising trend for recruitment specialists. This article will help you understand contract jobs and show some reasons to consider choosing such vacancies yourself. Keep reading!

What is contract work – general issues

The contract position implies working for a company on a specific project within a predetermined period. Such work is paid under the conditions agreed at the recruitment stage. Most commonly, contract workers are employed by a specialized HR company or a competent digital staffing agency as PSR, but employers can conduct recruiting themselves as well.

Contract jobs usually stand for either short-term or mid-term options compared to permanent ones. However, in some cases, the contract remains open for prolongation.

This type of employment has become common in many fields that function through running projects and building products, and IT is not an exception. Many companies find such staffing more convenient as employees perform better with precisely set expectations. However, there are specific reasons to sign up for contract work as an IT specialist.

Advantages of IT contract jobs

  1. Flexibility. Contract job opportunities do not require full commitment to a company as you are expected to complete a particular task without being engaged in the company’s other activities, which is rather typical for permanent positions. For example: as a software developer seeking to master some of the skills, you will not have to worry about climbing the career ladder or building an image of yourself as a company’s worker. So, if you are looking to bring more diversity to your professional life or attain short-term goals, consider applying for software contract jobs. For other specialists, it works the same way!
  2. Experience. In recent years, the willingness to move forward, change working environments, and gain new skills has become a new normal. This approach is well-supported by an increasing number of IT contract vacancies, so many job seekers hunt for them to get their chance to become more competent and universal specialists. Such opportunities may include creating websites for promising companies, ensuring tech support in a specific project, providing full-stack developer services, etc. Moreover, contract jobs are helpful in networking, which is likely to get you new fascinating opportunities in the future.
  3. Remuneration. Contract positions are usually well-paid because the company is interested in the project’s performance rather than the professional development of a hired person. Therefore, it pays you for the specific application of your skills in practice for a limited time. There is no need to go through the career development stages to get fairly paid for your quality work.

As could be seen from the reasons mentioned above, contract jobs leave a lot of space for professional growth and motivating experience without you being bothered with financial stability matters. However, sometimes contract work is not a universal solution as it may not suit the personal preferences of some professionals.

When is a permanent position a better choice?

  • The desired position is not associated with project work, and the job is rather consistent than flexible. For example, an HR specialist might want to look for a permanent IT recruiter vacancy in a staffing agency where they can still gain diverse experience and grow as a specialist.
  • You are looking for long-term employment. If stability matters to a job seeker, a permanent job will also be a better fit. It depends on your personality, so make sure you feel comfortable with the chosen job opportunity.
  • Your top priority is the company itself. Imagine you have found a vacancy from the best company for software developers in your opinion. Then, if you are 100% confident about your desire to work for this company, the permanent option is your best choice.

To sum up, we highly recommend consulting with professional IT recruiting agencies to find out what would be the best option for you personally.

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