Best countries for programmer immigration

13 March 2022

The topic of labor immigration for residents of the countries of the post-Soviet space has not lost its relevance for many years. The trend is not surprising, since the demand for competent coders abroad is high, and salaries are an order of magnitude better than in the domestic market. Even the pandemic did not become an obstacle to the profitable relocation of programmers abroad.

In this article, we will consider the three best countries for programmer immigration , which offer decent working conditions with high pay for foreign IT specialists. At the same time, you can plan the move now, since the countries have not suffered much from the coronavirus and will open their borders in the very near future.


Germany is a country that is included in the list of leaders in terms of economic indicators in Europe. By successfully coping with the pandemic, it has all the chances to progress in the coming decades. This is an excellent prognosis for those looking to find a data scientist job in this country as the market fills up with new vacancies. How does Germany attract new IT workers? First of all, it’s a decent salary. Secondly, the arrangement of everyday life. The country maintains a well-balanced work-life balance, and there is economic stability.

How to relocate to Germany

Most of the programmers who come to Germany receive a special type of work visa called the Blue Card, that is, the Blue Card. The paper is issued on a simplified basis for highly qualified foreign employees. IT people are the category that gets the Blue Card more often. The main requirement for obtaining a work visa according to a simplified algorithm is a higher education diploma. Also, when selecting specialists for a company and for issuing a Blue Card, they will require confirmation that the minimum annual income of an immigrant is 55,200 euros.

According to the developers already working in Germany, the time for issuing permits and the move itself is three to four months. An essential point for programmers with a family is that moving is possible with a spouse/husband and children. At the same time, the right to work is granted not only to the holder of the Blue Card, but also to his half.

The average salary of a programmer in Germany ranges from 42 to 60 thousand euros per year. The most demanded in the market are Java programmers. Accordingly, the salary of a Java Developer at the highest level. Next in the top three are specialists who own JavaScript and Python.


Finland is a dream country for many people, as it is considered one of the safest and most stable countries in the world. Low corruption and maximally smoothed income inequality make the country a desirable destination for migrants.

Finland has a rapidly developing IT sector that needs competent programmers. The vast majority of software development companies are located in the capital, Helsinki. But it is also possible to find a job as a frontend-developer in other cities. Finland is famous for video game companies. Start-ups are also developing in the country.

How to relocate to Finland

Finland provides a choice of options for obtaining a residence permit. For programmers, a suitable option is a residence permit. It is not difficult to obtain this type of permit. The main requirement is official employment with a minimum monthly salary of 3,000 euros. A diploma or other proof of professional qualification is also required. Paperwork doesn’t take long.

Perhaps the only drawback of relocation by a programmer to Finland can be considered a relatively low level of income for programmers. Especially when compared with salaries in the US. The average salary in Finland is 40 thousand euros per year. But at the same time, the relationship between work time and personal life is respected.

New Zealand

Job seekers dream of moving to New Zealand because of the wonderful nature, high standard of living and vacancies with good salaries. Programmers are attracted by the actively growing field of IT technologies and the development of startups. Rather low competition among IT specialists is explained by the small number of the country. And the measured rhythm of life allows not only to work productively, but also to have a good rest.

How to relocate to New Zealand

Work visas in New Zealand are issued according to a special system that takes into account the demand for employees to work in large companies . It is called the Skilled Migrant Category Visa. Since programmers are on the list of in-demand professions, in order to get documents, you need to provide a diploma, proof of work experience of at least three years and an invitation to a local company to work. Problems may arise with the last point if you search for a job remotely. Preference is given to applicants who have already arrived in the country. As an option for long-term immigration, you can consider training, after which it will be much easier to stay at work.

The average annual income of a programmer in New Zealand is $41,000. Working conditions are comfortable and balanced. The disadvantage of relocation is the high cost of living in the country. Therefore, before choosing, it is worth analyzing the ratio of salaries and expenses.

When planning a move abroad, no matter which country you choose, you should thoroughly study the various aspects and then make the final decision. If you cooperate with specialized, proven recruitment agencies , you can be protected and confident in the offer.

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