What are the Pros and Cons of staffing agencies?

Nowadays, the demand for tech jobs is constantly increasing, which requires careful organization of the job search and recruitment process. Thus, recruiting companies have appeared and made the job easier for all stakeholders. Still, such companies have both pros and cons, so the question arises: is it better to independently apply for a vacancy or […]

What is the price of developing a mobile application?

Growing companies are considering developing mobile applications because mobile applications are one of the most effective marketing tools. Therefore, when companies decide to develop their own application, it is natural that they are interested in how much the project costs. Follow this article to find out what modifies the price tag and what are the […]

How much does an IT specialist earn in Poland?

Beginners and experienced IT specialists have always wondered whether it is better to work in their own country or abroad, and the financial factor is one of the most important in such decisions. In developed countries, wages are always higher, but the cost of housing is also expensive. Therefore, you need to consider the average […]

How web 3.0 will transform the future of tech recruitment

It is not a secret that the Internet or, as initially named, the Web, constantly changes day by day. However, we are currently witnessing a major turning point represented by the development of Web 3.0. It reimagines the Internet’s operation principles and will define our new perception of the digital space where we work, operate, […]

Pros and cons of being a web developer

Our whole life is more and more immersed in the online world. Communication, work, search for employees, study – none of the spheres of human activity remains on the sidelines when it comes to the Internet. Due to such popularization of the worldwide web and various technologies, there has been a high demand for IT […]

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