Well-paid professions in Ukraine

The modern world cannot be imagined without information technologies. The rapid development of the IT industry makes specialists in this field permanent favorites of job sites. Programmers traditionally occupy the first positions in the lists of the most profitable professions in Ukraine and the world. No company, regardless of the industry, can do without developers. […]

How to find work as an IT professional during wartime

In the first weeks of the war, many IT companies evacuated teams to safer regions. Implemented the practice of military vacations and retention of salary for six months for persons called up to the units of military personnel or armed forces. For the few programmers who managed to go abroad, they created headquarters or organized […]

4 trends of the IT labor market during the war: research

The war hit all areas of Ukrainian life. Industry, the economy, and the financial sector are all suffering. It was not possible to avoid a negative impact in the IT sector as well. Despite the fact that the digital industry is practically the only one that continues to work for exports, the rating of the […]

How to Hire Web 3.0 Retailers

The rapid development of the Web ecosystem entails a demand for Web 3.0 programmers competent in the innovative Web3 technology. If you are thinking about how to assemble a team of Web 3.0 web developers, there is a risk of encountering some difficulties. In this article, we will analyze what Web 3.0 developers do, what […]

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