Well-paid professions in Ukraine

12 October 2022

The modern world cannot be imagined without information technologies. The rapid development of the IT industry makes specialists in this field permanent favorites of job sites. Programmers traditionally occupy the first positions in the lists of the most profitable professions in Ukraine and the world. No company, regardless of the industry, can do without developers. In this article, we will consider the most popular specialties in the IT field. Let’s talk about income and prospects for the coming years.

Popular specialties in the field of digital technologies in 2022

In recent years, crises and difficulties have struck the world. The changes also affect the labor market. The development of business into an online format, which began during the pandemic, continues during the war. The popularity of numerous IT courses has grown significantly. Students are offered to master the profession of a programmer, designer, Internet marketer, copywriter, and tester. Priority is given to professions that do not require physical presence in the office.

Recruitment agencies in Odessa, like many others in the country and abroad, have huge databases of vacancies for developers of various levels and fields. This trend is facilitated by the global introduction of IT products in all spheres without exception. We use online banking, sales platforms, various sites, online courses, delivery services, etc. Different types of programmers, web designers, and product managers are needed for the entire infrastructure to function without bugs.

Sectors that are especially in dire need of competent programmers:

  • the field of online services;
  • creating programs;
  • development of SaaS platforms.

The IT industry is very dynamic. Programming trends change much faster than in any other field. On average, product code undergoes fundamental changes every 5-7 years. As a result, new methods of development come. Such dynamics contribute to fierce competition. Programming languages ​​are getting old fast. Specialists in the field need to increase their level of training.

We conducted an analysis and compiled our rating of in-demand IT professions in Ukraine:

  • Cyber ​​security analyst. The transition of business online threatens data leakage. Hacker attacks are happening more and more often, so companies pay special attention to cyber security. There are quite a few specialists in this area, so they are on the list of the most in demand. According to research data last year, the salary of cyber security analysts was recognized as the fastest growing. For the period 2021-2022, the earnings of programmers in this sector increased by 16%. And the demand for cyber security engineers increased by 33%.
  • DevOPS engineer. Devops are responsible for communication between development and operations teams operating within the same company. The specialty requires a large amount of knowledge, involves complex functionality. The lack of DevOPS engineers leads to a shortage in the labor market and leads them to the top IT specialties. Companies are willing to pay dearly for devops services, even for the junior level.
  • AI/ML specialist, data scientist. The global use of artificial intelligence in all areas, the desire to automate processes have made AI/ML specialists and data scientists indispensable. If we analyze the Data Scientist vacancies on the site, we will see that the market is experiencing a catastrophic shortage of machine learning specialists. McKinsey analytics show that 57% of companies, especially large and medium-sized ones, have already implemented artificial intelligence in various areas of activity. Therefore, they are ready to hire junior programmers, teach them independently and at the same time pay good money.
  • Web designer. Another direction that is included in the top professions of 2022 is the developer of sites and applications. Mobile banking, delivery sites, services for buying tickets and doctor’s appointments, platforms for sales and many other services are comforts that we use every day. Total digitization provokes an increased demand for web designers and developers who create, implement and maintain mobile applications and sites.
  • Cloud Architect. Cloud services began to develop at a great speed during the pandemic. Companies began to use the cloud for data storage much more. According to the Flexera agency, 36% of companies invested in 2021 invested more than $12 million in this area.

The huge pace of development of cloud storage provokes the demand for specialists who service them. Clouds are an opportunity for businesses to work securely at a distance. Employees can use even confidential data without the risk of information leakage. Cloud architects ensure uninterrupted and trouble-free life of services.

We especially need programmers with experience in ITSM and I&O, automation and supplier management. There is a catastrophic shortage of experienced specialists. Therefore, there are a huge number of job offers for Cloud Architects, as well as vacancies for PHP programmers.

The decisive advantages of working in the information industry include:

  • high demand for specialists;
  • a large selection of directions;
  • the salary is higher than the average;
  • development prospects;
  • choice of work format;
  • the opportunity to work in foreign companies;
  • constant evolution of the industry.

The modern world is a digital age. New information technologies are constantly being developed and implemented in various spheres of our life. IT industry will definitely develop. Programmers will always be valued in the labor market, regardless of the direction in it in 2022.

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