Front end developer job in Ukraine for those who want to earn more!

17 December 2020

One of the really important advantages of working in IT is the ability to perform duties by specialists in this field remotely. Due to the quarantine, this plus was appreciated by many companies, both in the country and abroad. Currently, the number of vacancies for the respective type of employment has grown significantly. If you are looking for employees in your office or you want to find a job in a high-paying job, then the services of our Professional Staff Recruitment agency are just for you.

How do I find an employer?

If you are interested in working as a frontend developer in Ukraine, on our website you can easily find a company that is currently engaged in recruiting. To do this, you need to create a resume and send it to us. After appropriate verification, it enters the system. Subsequently, we recommend you as a specialist to one or another employer with whom you are interviewed as a result. Based on the results of the latter, a decision is made whether to accept you for a trial period or to complete a test task.

In order to quickly find the vacancy you need, you should write your resume correctly. It should contain the following information:

  • Work experience. The best place to start is with your latest project. As a rule, the initial steps in your career tell you little about your level of knowledge and skills. That is why it is worth focusing on what you are really proud of.
  • Position or occupation. It is necessary to indicate what exactly you specialize in and what vacancy you are looking for. The potential employer must understand exactly what responsibilities the employee is capable of performing.
  • A story about myself. In this section, you should avoid template phrases. It is worth focusing on those qualities that play a decisive role in your activities.
  • Available achievements. We are talking about the projects being implemented and the result that they allowed your employer or customer to get.
  • Key skills. This can include knowledge of programming languages, the ability to work in a team, a creative approach to solving complex problems, fast completion of assigned tasks, etc.

The official website of our agency is at the following link: Before submitting a resume, it is extremely important to check it for literacy and the presence of stamps in it. The latter can lower your chances of finding a decent job. It is important to understand that the vacancies available on our website imply a salary that is much higher than the average salary of workers in Ukraine.

Professional team of recruiters

Professional Staff Recruitment agency is one of the largest companies in Eastern Europe, engaged in the field of recruiting IT specialists. Despite the fact that the main office is located in Kiev, the work of our specialists covers the whole world. This is facilitated by the fact that some responsibilities can be performed remotely.

Among the main activities of our agency ProfessionalStaffRecruitment are the following:

Classic recruiting. We carry out a professional search for specialists of absolutely any level of training. Our agency selects employees for both Ukrainian and foreign companies working in the IT field. Thus, we take on certain functions, which is why these organizations do not need to pay for the work of the relevant departments in their structure.
Outstaffing. The specialists of our company have considerable experience in building IT teams quickly enough. They will be run by the customer. At the same time, absolutely the entire document flow remains on the shoulders of our agency employees. Thus, the ProfessionalStaffRecruitment client largely saves their own time, which affects, among other things, the profit. Outstaffing itself is one of the forms of cooperation that allows you to keep staff out of the state of an organization. In this case, the contract is not concluded with the company for which the employee works, but with the intermediary company.
Outsourcing. Its main goal is to reduce operating costs to a certain extent. This is achieved by the fact that our agency takes responsibility for building and managing IT teams in the interests of the client’s business. Outsourcing means the transfer of certain types or functions of production activities from one company to another (on the basis of an appropriate contract.
If you want to order one of the listed services, you can do it at the following link:

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