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7 February 2021

The best international recruiting company Professional Staff Recruitment allows you to significantly reduce the operating costs of customers regarding the search for highly professional specialists for work in the IT field. One of the most effective ways to do this is headhunting. It is a proven recruiting method with unique professional skills. In such cases, as a rule, we are talking either about a rather narrow specialization, or about a unique approach to solving non-standard problems.

Headhunting technology

Headhunting in Ukraine is not a new technology for finding professional candidates for managerial vacancies in the IT field. It involves drawing the attention of the recruiter to those companies, the heads of departments, of which have proven their success in entrepreneurial activity. First, the market is analyzed and a long list is drawn up. It is a list of organizations that employ suitable candidates for a specific position.

After narrowing the circle according to clearly defined criteria, the remaining persons receive appropriate offers about the possibility of growth, namely, a change of job with better working conditions. In each case, negotiations are conducted on an individual basis. They are completely confidential, which is extremely important, since information leakage can lead to the impossibility of obtaining a valuable frame. It should also be borne in mind that the work is being carried out for a sufficiently long period of time, which reaches several months. The end result is one or two candidates that fully meet the needs of the customer.

All headhunting agencies call potential specialists in advance and indicate the goals that interest them. Moreover, this process takes place in such a way as to maximize the interest of the candidate in the vacancy. If he agrees to further cooperation, an interview is conducted. It can take place both directly in the office and on neutral territory. This is due to the fact that not every employee wants to disclose his participation in negotiations about a new job.

It is important to note that sites like headhunting are far from always able to effectively search for professional employees who meet the conditions of customers. In turn, the specialists of our company approach this process completely differently, because in addition to personal data, qualifications and experience, they also take into account their own opinion based on interviews with candidates. At the same time, they must inform the client about the strengths and weaknesses of each person interested in the position. The final decision is still made by the customer.

The main advantages of headhunting

Any international recruiting company must be experienced and efficient. Otherwise, it makes no sense to use her services. Our specialists guarantee a fairly quick search for the specialists necessary for the customer who will meet all his requirements.

Among the main advantages that distinguish modern headhunting technology, it is worth highlighting, first, the following:

  1. The use of completely non-standard methods of selecting candidates, which are significantly different from the traditional ones. For this, all available information is used with the use of special resources for conducting negotiations.
  2. Many highly professional employees of enterprises themselves make themselves felt, turning to headhunters for help. Based on their status, they do not want to independently search for more favorable working conditions for themselves. That is why they delegate such responsibilities to others.
  3. In case of difficulties in the negotiation process, a potential candidate can recommend for the vacant position any of his colleagues who has the appropriate knowledge and skills to perform specific duties.
  4. Possibility of saving financial resources for the search for employees in the company. By contacting the headhunting office of a recruiting company in Kiev, the customer completely relinquishes any responsibility for the recruiting process. It is taken over by our employees, who have been involved in this field of activity since 2007.

Any chosen candidate is exactly that specialist who is ready to work even with the most difficult search conditions. The client’s criteria play a decisive role in the selection of potential candidates who can be offered a specific position.

Our services

Our company Professional Staff Recruitment is an organization that provides its clients with a range of various services related to the search for highly qualified personnel or reliable employers capable of providing really good working conditions. Before contacting us for help, you should definitely pay attention to why many customers choose us. Among the main advantages that they note, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • affordable cost for most clients, corresponding to the quality of the service;
  • providing a guarantee of the fulfillment of the assigned task;
  • long-term work experience and use of new technologies;
  • exceptional professionalism of the team of employees;
  • cooperation with both Ukrainian and foreign companies;
  • formalization of contracts in full compliance with the laws of the country.

Thus, due to all the above advantages, our services are in significant demand among jobseekers and employers. Most of them are completely satisfied with the results of mutual cooperation. If you are interested in php vacancies, contact our specialists right now.

The main services of our company, which are currently very popular. include such:

  1. Classic recruiting. Our specialists carry out a professional search for specialists, regardless of their level of training. Both Ukrainian and foreign employers who have vacancies in the field of IT apply to the company.
  2. Outstaffing. Our company takes over the process of completing all the documentation exclusively. Neither the customer nor the applicants are required to think about how bureaucratic issues occur due to the peculiarities of national legislation. We are experienced in building IT teams quickly. That is why we can guarantee our clients
  3. Outsourcing. If you work in the front-end developer, our specialists are ready to find you a really high-paying job with good working conditions in a short period of time. At the same time, official contracts are signed, in which the rights and obligations of each person are mandatory.

Since work in Ukraine is often less highly paid, a search for highly qualified IT specialists is also carried out in Germany. We are ready to find specialists, including in Europe and the USA.

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