How to find a good DevOps expert

20 November 2021

DevOps is a combination of development and operations. But you need to understand that this is not a profession, but a technology, which is based on the unification of the process of product development and bringing them to the consumer.
The need for companies to implement this technology arises when the tasks that require automation appear or during the implementation of new goals. At such moments, the question of finding people capable of organizing and doing the complex work of developing and developing the necessary tools arises. Specialists in this area are in demand and it is very difficult to find a Senior DevOps developer quickly.

Specialist selection criteria

Companies that are looking for employees in the IT field have requirements for applicants and those wishing to fill vacancies need to familiarize themselves with them. If necessary, improve key skills, apply for a good salary for a DevOps engineer vacancy and decent working conditions.

Often engineers in the past have worked as system administrators. This plays into the hands of such specialists, because in this case they already have basic knowledge. The second category to understand is infrastructure tools. Moving out of system administration simplifies the unnecessary knowledge of programming languages. This desirable skill can be acquired while on the job. Many experts believe that the ideal professional development of a devops engineer begins with a system administrator, who goes through the following stages in his work:

  • begins to figure out what needs to be transferred from manual control to automatic mode;
  • develops options for implementation;
  • tries to implement various automation tools.

Thus, in a natural way, an administrator grows into a DevOps engineer, gaining experience and skills.
When recruiting DevOps developers, a company is guided by several criteria.

A solid base and a desire to learn how the proposed components interact

A wide range of ready-made elements is now available, making it possible to quickly build complex, high-capacity systems. Unfortunately, there are engineers, who, having learned how to use these tools, do not go deep into the principles of work and the results of interactions. But this is necessary for the implementation of many actions.

An integrated approach to tasks

Any problem can be solved in two ways. In the first case, a convenient, viable structure is created; in the second, a part of the manual is thoughtlessly copied. Both options allow the system to work at the moment. But when you make changes to the structure of the first option, it will work in a modified form without problems, and problems will arise from the second. It may take a lot of time to establish, and maybe even to build a new one.
Therefore, it is extremely important that the engineer understands where it is possible to apply the copying option, and where it is categorically undesirable to do it, so that there are no problems in the future.

Ability to fit into a working structure

When a company hires an employee, for example, when applying for a job at the IT sphere in Warsaw, it already has established schemes and use-cases. Each product is unique and it is impossible to evaluate it uniquely, since different aspects will influence it in a particular case. The new employee should understand this. Even the top-level pro should be able to integrate into the existing structure. Having a personal opinion not to try to break everything and build in a new way.

Do not stop there and constantly develop

Any employer is interested in employees who are passionate about what they are doing, rather than serving hours. In the field of IT-technologies, tools are rapidly changing and developing, so the specialists working here are obliged to constantly learn and be interested in new products in development processes and workflow tasks.

How a company can choose a DevOps engineer

The first thing to do is be patient. There are not so many professionals, and if you take anyone, you will still lose. These workers either leave quickly or are fired. Pay attention to the applicant’s past experience and soft-skills, as well as compatibility with the team atmosphere. After all, the atmosphere in the team significantly affects labor productivity.

A rational solution would be to contact recruiting agencies that specialize in profile search. Agencies offer employment of programmers from Lviv abroad on good terms. This can facilitate and speed up the closing of a vacancy. Each stage of the development of a DevOps culture requires an employee with a specific skill set and a different number of employees to complete the tasks. It may be enough to hire a single but experienced senior engineer to lead the team and tackle critical issues. Sometimes several juniors will do more value and for less money.

To make the selection of applicants productive, we recommend preparing an interview book with questions about automation programming, OS, distributed application architecture, and so on. An indicative test can be a check on a virtual set of broken services that the applicant needs to put in order, thus demonstrating skills in solving devops engineer problems.

What will a company get by hiring a DevOps engineer

When a full-time engineer appears in the company, he will be able to establish the following processes:

  • stable, streamlined infrastructure support;
  • high speed of release cycles;
  • automated development of the server environment;
  • customized system tracking;
  • centralized collection of logs;
  • adjustment of CI and CD processes.

Turning to our specialists, you can expect qualified assistance in this matter!

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