How to find a good specialist

15 December 2021

According to statistics, recruiting personnel in the IT field for HR managers is not an easy task. They believe that you can hire a good specialist only if you have knowledge in this area. To make the search process a little easier, the majority often use the services of recruitment agency websites. Which option is more efficient? Let’s figure it out!

Where to do a research by yourself

Thinking about how to hire employees, entrepreneurs use all possible resources. External sources for self-search are:

  • websites with vacancies;
  • recommendations;
  • social networks;
  • forums.

Place an advert on several resources at once. Pay attention to site traffic, as this indicator directly affects the number of views. The information in the ad is very important. Applicants for the IT sphere do not read the text. They simply enter into the search engine a programming language or technologies that they understand and thus weed out the vacancies of interest. For example, a request might look like this: “Senior server developer vacancy in Kyiv” ꟷ is clear and to the point. Therefore, specify these parameters. Mention also the operating systems you need to work with.

Resume search is an effective method because programmers prefer to communicate on the Web. Sending offers also can save your time, as it takes less time than calling to every candidate.

Today’s popular organization of hiring personnel by recommendations ꟷ is when you post information about the research of an employee on a corporate website and ask for recommendations from acquaintances, friends or former colleagues. To interest, pay rewards to those employees whose recommendations were hired.

To search in social networks, give preference to specialized services. You can also use Facebook.

You can find worthy candidates on special forums. Such a search will bring results if you follow some rules. To navigate the forum you need:

  • find the section “Job”, where vacancies are published;
  • study what ads are provided on the service, how they are designed;
  • to communicate in the comments to the ad, enlist the support of an employee with the appropriate qualifications;
  • be responsible for posting a vacancy, regardless of the fact that this is a free resource.

Do I need to understand the concepts of the IT sphere during the search for an employee? Detailed knowledge is not required. But you need to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts in order to tell the applicant about your future professional activity. When you are asking questions, you need to know the correct answers to them.

Research through the agency 

Independent searches for candidates can take an unreasonably long time and not bring results. Recruitment agencies that are engaged in the selection of specialists for the company will help you quickly and efficiently find a person for an open vacancy. The reason for this is the agency’s interest in quickly hiring a new employee.

Cooperation with a recruiter takes place in several stages:

  • acceptance of an application;
  • search for a specialist;
  • providing questionnaires of candidates for consideration by the orderer;
  • selection of a potential employee;
  • interview;
  • recruitment.

The advantage of cooperation with the agency is the guarantee of replacement of the candidate, if the expectations are not met. Also a plus of recruiters in good orientation in the labor market in this specific area. The focus of the agency is to use methods to attract professionals who are in shortage on the labor market.

Another positive aspect of cooperation with a recruiting agency is the international scale of activity. That is, with their help, you can find a specialist from another country who will work as a freelancer. And for applicants, ꟷ is an opportunity to expand the boundaries of activity. Therefore, for example, finding a job as a Web Designer in Poland is not difficult.

How to not make a mistake in selection

To hire a worthy candidate who will not disappoint in the future, you need to conduct a thorough and well-structured interview. Among the effective methods for evaluating a candidate is the performance of a test task. It can be something simple, but creative and essentially follow-up work.

Also conduct several tests in which you collect the main questions of interest. At the interview, talking tete-a-tete, pay attention to how the candidate behaves. A friendly atmosphere in the team contributes to productivity, so good manners and just a pleasant person to communicate with will be a priority.

After the selection, you should take care of how the entrepreneur registers an employee. All procedures are prescribed in the laws, which must be followed. A prerequisite is the drawing up of an employment contract. It sets out the duties and rights of the employer and employee. One copy remains in the personnel department, the other is taken by the employee.

It is important to carefully consider the text of the contract. The more detailed each item is, the easier it is to find solutions in conflict situations in the future, if any of them will appear. Be sure to submit a notice of admission of an employee to the tax office. This must be done before the start of the duties of a new subordinate.

Recruitment is a time-consuming process, but also an exciting one. When looking for narrow profile specialists, use the professional help of recruiters and your own resources. When interviewing, listen and analyze the candidate. Approach the selection responsibly, and then the new colleague and subordinate will bring their mite to the successful operation of the company!

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