How to look for a job in the corona crisis – HR tips

13 March 2022

The modern world is being challenged by Coronavirus. The economy is feeling budget deficits, companies are making decisions to make staff redundant. There are fewer and fewer good vacancies with high salaries , but the requirements for applicants are rising. How to find a job in such conditions and increase your own value in the labor market? We have prepared a number of tips to help you find a decent job during the corona crisis.

Finding a Job During a Pandemic

The first step in finding a job is finding out the reasons that listed you as a job seeker. An honest answer will provide an opportunity to understand how to find a job in the corona crisis and how to build an action plan. If you lost your job even before the start of the pandemic, and you didn’t manage to get a new one for a month or two, then quarantine restrictions won`t help you.

Look for the reason of the situation. Maybe your resume is illiterate, and it should be edited. Maybe the search methods are in too narrow a range. For example, entering only ” android developer Ukraine ” results may not be enough, and you should think about a wider range. Also, failures in employment are provoked by insufficient qualifications.

If, after analysis, you see that only a few skills are missing to get the job you want – for example, the ability to write well, or advanced skills in working with a particular computer program – then this is a call to action.

Quarantine is an excellent opportunity to upgrade personal qualities and learn new knowledge. By pulling up the missing places, it will be easier to find a great job . Perhaps the financial situation does not allow you to devote several months exclusively to study, a temporary part-time job will be the way out. The most demanded on the market now are couriers and operators. The relaxation of quarantine conditions will make finding a job much easier.

Attitude of companies to freelance during a pandemic

Many companies have chosen not to hire new employees to work as a freelancers. This situation is explained by the fact that organizations have no experience of working in a remote format, except for the development team , and it takes time to establish a new system. For the same reasons, many companies simply don’t understand how to communicate effectively with freelancers. The number of vacancies in general has been reduced by about three times. The most affected companies whose business depends on the movement and constant contact of people. These are services selling tickets for air flights or trains, as well as the service sector, event companies. Some organizations that continue to actively work and develop have switched to online interviews, excluding face-to-face meetings.

What to consider during preparing for an online interview?

Organize the place where you will be during the conversation. Quietness and absence of distractions are needed, so limit access to the room to pets or children, for example.

When reviewing Python developer vacancies, it becomes clear that you definitely need to prepare for video communication. If you refuse to turn on the camera while your interlocutor did, then you will look ignorant. Prepare for a video call: diffused but good lighting, discreet clothes, appropriate background. Before the interview, make sure that there are no problems with the Internet, check the functioning of gadgets. Test the video and audio connection, make sure the laptop is charged and the phone is on silent mode.

The main advantages of remote interviews start with the fact that you can prepare in advance a list of questions that you want to ask the recruiter. Write them down on a piece of paper and put them in front of you. Thus, you will not forget anything and learn everything that interests you. On an additional tab, you can open the company’s website, as well as your resume.

In any interview format, it is very important to remember non-verbal expressions when communicating. But in an online meeting, gestures, facial expressions and voice intonations take on special significance. Speak clearly and legibly at an average pace. Keep an eye on the volume – the interlocutor should not listen, but you should not raise your voice too much so as not to sound aggressive.

Use the skill of the so-called “active listening”, that is, nod, smile slightly, confirm what you hear in short phrases. It is important to make eye contact. To do this, try to look directly at the camera more often, occasionally glancing at the monitor.

Which areas will be affected the most?

The USA has a huge labor market, the analysis of which shows global trends in what kind of employees companies need. The most vulnerable areas that will suffer the loss of employees are businesses in the food industry, retail, and the educational sector. The staff of travel companies and leisure organizations will also suffer. Realtors and car dealers will be fired. First of all, layoffs threaten low-skilled employees. Similar trends are predicted in Ukraine.

Where will employees be needed and how to get such places?

The staff will be expanded by companies whose activities are conducted in the Internet space. These are: trade, online entertainment, the creation of gaming applications, the delivery of various goods, training services, online consulting. The chances of getting into such fields are high.

If you need to take short-term courses, then it is worth learning and spending some time on it. If retraining is necessary, then we recommend honing your skills in an existing profession. For example, to apply for a software developer job, a course on learning a new language. Also, having mastered the tools for working in a remote format, you remove geographic restrictions and open access to work all over the world.

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