How to properly evaluate a job offer

24 May 2018

The standard probation period for a new employee is three months. During this time, the company will have time to understand whether you will be useful to it and whether your skills and knowledge meet their expectations. A new employee in the first months of work also assesses the company – how much it meets his expectations and how comfortable it is to work in it. But for an employee, it takes more time to evaluate – according to the statistics of our agency’s recruiters, an employee leaves the company after six months of work, if something went wrong in a new place. The reasons may be different: the relationship with the manager did not work out, the team is not satisfied, etc. To avoid disappointment from a new job after a long search for vacancies, passing interviews and agonizingly waiting for a decision from companies, you need to evaluate the proposals and make the right choice of employer. After so much time has been spent looking for a new job, it is important not to spoil everything at the selection stage. In this article, we have collected tips to help you with this.

So, you have a job offer in your hands.

This means that the company has already passed your initial selection and now is the time to think about the rest of the requirements for future work. In general, it is difficult to give advice on the choice of criteria, because everyone will have their own. Over the past year, I changed jobs twice and I have a story to tell about my mistakes. I will not name the companies, let it be startup A and large company B. Before moving to startup A, I worked for a long time in an office not far from my home, in the morning and in the evening it took no more than half an hour by public transport. Company A’s office was located at the other end of Moscow and the road to it took exactly an hour, if you go by metro and bus. After a few weeks, I realized that regular and long subway rides were too tiring for me. After moving to company B, the road to the office began to take the same hour, but now there is an opportunity to combine the MCC and a bicycle, which is much more comfortable for me. Simulate your trip to your new office and try to figure out how it will be the best and most comfortable way for you to get there, because one or two interview trips will not give you a full understanding. Over the course of my work, I have accumulated many years of experience in the field of software development and testing. During interviews with CEOs of Startup A, I had a positive impression of engineering and did not ask questions about development processes and tools. And in vain. Because the level of development was low and it took a lot of work to bring it to the level accepted in large companies. There are no unnecessary interview questions. It is better to ask than to be disappointed in your assumptions later.

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