Is it possible to get a job as an IT specialist abroad

15 December 2021

The foreign labor market needs IT employees. Diplomas do not go through the rigorous tests that other professions do. Even the lack of a diploma will not interfere with getting a job. The main question when planning a programmer’s relocation is: where to go? The choice of countries is wide. The main thing is to be a pro in the industry and at first not to apply for a high position. Let’s understand the intricacies of IT migration.

Demand for programmers abroad and the necessary knowledge

Every year, the deficit of professionals in the information industry is growing exponentially. Software developers are the most in demand. The following is a list of specializations in descending order of demand:

  • project managers;
  • application managers;
  • product quality controllers;
  • security experts.

There is a differentiation of professional areas and the demand for new specialists is constantly increasing. Large companies ask for SAP and IT consultants, post vacancies abroad for Fullstack developers, as well as software developers.

To apply for a position, you need to know a lot of popular technologies and languages. At the moment it is:

  • Cloud;
  • MySQL, CSS, Javascript и HTML;
  • Java;
  • PHP/ C# /C++ / Ruby;
  • DevOps;
  • RPA;
  • Data Science /Big Data / AI;
  • Python;
  • BI;
  • standard requirement ꟷ knowledge of security systems;
  • Open source ꟷ programming with LAMP;
  • Network convergence;
  • application developers for iOS and Android operating systems.

A moment that makes it easier for a developer to move to Germany and find employment abroad ꟷ not necessarily knowing the language of the host country. Often, knowledge of English is enough. Moreover, in many countries, a prerequisite for employment is knowledge of English. This rule applies to all applicants, including citizens of the country.

In large firms, you will not surprise anyone with a foreign employee, in small firms this is more difficult. Therefore, at least a basic level of proficiency in the state language is desirable.

Salary level

Abroad IT sphere workers earn quite well. Beginners at the Junior level can claim 30-36 thousand euros per year, and Senior ꟷ and all 80 thousand. For example, the average in Germany is from 45,000 to 55,000 euros per year.

In many ways, the salary depends on the industry in which the programmer is employed. Aviation is considered the most profitable, followed by pharmacology, and the banking sector. Also, the size of the company also affects the formation of wages. The larger the company, the more you can earn in it. Of course, the amount of income ꟷ is one of the main motivational factors in the interview.

Foreigners need to take into account that foreign employers practice lowering the salary of immigrants. Even an experienced specialist can be offered an intern salary. It is up to the applicant to agree and work for the prospect of growth or insist, risking losing this place.

Interview and resume ꟷ important elements of employment

It is almost impossible to get a job without an interview. Even if the meeting with a potential employer is not successful, learn from it. After analyzing the conversation, determine what needs to be learned and what skills need to be improved. Work on the bugs. Many interviewers themselves give recommendations on what needs to be worked on.

When interviewing a programmer, you can add up a general picture of the situation on the market, current salary trends and current requirements for job candidates.

An important component of a successful job placement ꟷ is a resume. If you cooperate with a recruitment agency, then an experienced recruiter will help with the preparation of a competent resume. If you are writing yourself, then make a brief summary of your education, experience and skills. This format gives an idea of ​​whether you are suitable for the position or not.

The main points of a good resume compiled by an HR agency:

  • personal data;
  • education;
  • key skills;
  • last places of work;
  • list of technologies used;
  • a list of programming languages that you know;
  • certification.

Limit the section describing personal qualities to a few sentences in essence. Don’t forget to include your contact information.

The widespread practice of searching for candidates by automated methods using key phrases obliges to control a clear, literal presentation of skills. Only in this case, the program will be able to recognize and index the resume.

Where to look for vacancies

There are many resources that regularly update vacancies in Europe. Linkedin is popular in Germany. Sections with vacancies have also been created on specialized forums. Most of the sites-simulators for solving tasks publish vacancies.

A reliable way to find a job is recruiting agencies in Poland, Germany and other countries of the European Union and America. By cooperating with recruiters, you remove a lot of worries from yourself.

IT companies publish information about vacancies on their websites, so you can send resumes directly. To increase your chances, add a cover letter to it, explaining why you chose this company, which job are you interested in and what benefits the company will get by hiring you for a vacant position. In the case of mailing, do not copy the letter, but write a new one. Consider the specifics of the company and the job you are applying for.

Remember that from sending a resume to a face-to-face meeting and concluding an employment contract, a lot of time can pass. The main thing is to be purposeful and persistent. Benefit from any, even unsuccessful experience.

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