Is it worth looking for a job through agencies

21 October 2021

Employment abroad attracts many with a decent salary and high standards of living in European countries. For those who are considering working abroad, questions about the method of searching for vacancies are relevant. What is better – to look for yourself or cooperate with recruiting agencies? Let’s figure it out.

Employment abroad

It is necessary to prepare the ground for the move while still in Ukraine. There are several options for finding a job abroad:

  • Through the Internet;
  • Through intermediaries;
  • independently from direct employers.

If you decide to look for a job on your own, you need to be prepared for the fact that you yourself will have to collect a package of documents for registration, find and rent a place to live, deal with other organizational issues. In order to find a job, you can turn to specialized websites, where they publish job advertisements abroad from direct employers and from recruitment agencies.

To reduce the search time, it is recommended to filter offers by parameters – work experience, housing provision, salary level, social package provision, and so on.

Most of those who have found a job through an agency recommend following their example, because an independent search is a high risk of facing bureaucracy when processing documents and being left without money and work.

The first step is to responsibly choose an agency for cooperation. The main criteria in the selection:

  • Carefully study the file of the staffing agency. How many years has it been working on the employment market. If the term is counted in years, most likely quite a few Ukrainians have been employed legally;
  • whether the real addresses of the offices are published or only the mobile phone numbers;
  • whether the agency has a website and what information is published on it; it should be simple and easy to describe;
  • Pay attention to the questionnaire that is offered to fill in. It should include thoughtful questions, be structured and reveal you fully as a specialist;
  • check the reputation, read the reviews, try to find the previous clients and their impression of the cooperation;

It is much easier to find a job through a recruitment agency, because large European companies recruit with the help of recruiters. By putting up a list of requirements for candidates, companies do not do a routine search and do not waste time on screening questionnaires and interviews.

Another positive aspect of cooperation with international recruitment agencies in Europe is that they work for the customer, i.e. the employer, and he pays for the services. For the applicant, the services provided by the recruiter should be free of charge. If this is not the case and requires a fee, then you should consider whether it is worth contacting this company.

Recruitment agencies do almost all the work of organizing and drawing up documents. The job seeker is assisted in writing a competent resume and, if necessary, it is translated into another language. Agency employees find accommodation, offer the best route to the destination and provide all kinds of support. You can always ask for advice and help during the contract period.

Employment agencies carry out almost all the work of organizing and processing documents. The job seeker is provided with assistance in the correct preparation of the resume, if necessary, it is translated into another language. Agency employees look for accommodation, offer the best route to the destination and provide all kinds of support. During the term of the contract, you can always ask for advice and assistance.

The labor market abroad is wide. There are many vacancies for any profession, but jobs for programmers abroad are the easiest to find. For example, a nurse is required to complete training in local educational institutions to obtain accreditation. Such conditions apply to many other professions that require knowledge of local specifics, regulations, practices, legislation and so on. An IT specialist, on the other hand, with the right work experience and knowledge, can find a place without any problems and does not necessarily need to have their diplomas recognized or even have them as such.

To find staff, companies give requests to IT recruitment agencies with a list of specific requirements. The main thing is work experience. Providing evidence of experience can be a substitute for a diploma of relevant education.

Currently common vacancies for the following positions:

  • IT consultants;
  • software developers;
  • SAP consultants;
  • project managers.

Today, the average salary in the IT field depends on the work experience and the industry in which the specialist works. The range is from 50,000 to 75,000 euros a year. The leading positions are taken by: aviation, pharmacology and banking. The salary is also influenced by:

  • Gender of the employee (women are paid on average 10% less);
  • The presence of subordinates;
  • The size of the company.

The salary in a company with up to 500 people will be less than in a company with twice as much. The difference can be around 10,000 euros per year. Many companies provide help with the relocation of new employees. The conditions of the future work are discussed in detail already at the stage of acquaintance of the company with the applicant, before the interview. This is due to the saving of time and resources.

The main advantages

There are job boards, niche sites for finding jobs in the IT field. By far the most popular:

  • Angelist;
  • Indeed;
  • Glassdoor;
  • Mediabistro.
  • Stack Overflow Jobs;
  • GitHub Jobs

To search for developer jobs, just type keywords in the search box. These sites look for potential employers to send out resumes on their own, as well as selecting a staffing agency to collaborate with.

In conclusion, let’s summarize why it is worth looking for employment abroad with the help of a recruitment agency:

  • Legitimacy. The agency is responsible for the quality of its work;
  • Guarantee of result. The official contract is a pledge of performance of obligations;
  • Legal support. Legal assistance during the period of cooperation;
  • Specificity of offers. Recruiter selects only vacancies corresponding to your requests and knowledge.

If you come to us you can count on high-quality employment abroad, because our recruiters are professionals in their field.

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