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17 December 2020

One of the most popular services of our company is outsourcing of IT personnel. Its essence lies in providing a particular enterprise with technical specialists of the required qualifications to perform temporary work, for example, to develop, launch and establish processes for a new project. It is also possible, including long-term cooperation. The popularity of using such a management mechanism is due to the fact that the employer, in this case, substantially relieves itself of responsibility for the training, development and motivation of its own employees. In addition, the burden on certain departments of the company is eased – accounting or the personnel department.

When do you need IT outsourcing?

It is worth paying attention to the fact that companies use outsourcing only in certain cases when it may be beneficial for them. If we are talking about the field of IT, then in this industry the hiring of specialists through such a mechanism is carried out in situations such as:

Implementation of a specific project for which technical specialists are needed. It is not profitable for an employer to replenish his staff with new employees for only a few months with subsequent dismissal. That is why companies, as a rule, give some of their responsibilities to outsourcers who perform them, while being separate freelance workers.

Replacement of a permanent employee of the company during his stay on sick leave, on vacation or on a business trip. Many employers face similar problems. If their staff has a limited number of technical workers, for a certain period (in case of an unforeseen situation) the company can hire an outside person through outsourcing.

Lack of IT specialists in the company staff. We are talking primarily about those cases when there is a certain limited number of employees in branches and representative offices. If the plans do not provide for an increase in staff, the company can use outsourcing services, which imply the transfer of part of the functions to a third party specialized in a particular field.

Doing business in another country. It often requires an understanding of the specifics of a particular state. A foreigner cannot always take into account all the factors, which is why employers may need specialists who are well acquainted with all the features of the legislation of their country, people’s behavior, existing trends, etc.

Thus, outsourcing allows you to significantly save resources, money and time. In the context of commercial activities, this is extremely important to consider. That is why an increasing number of companies working in the IT field are using this management technology, which makes it possible to transfer part of the enterprise’s functions to a third party who undertakes to perform them effectively and reliably in accordance with the signed agreement.

What does our agency offer?

Our agency ProfessionalStaffRecruitment has been professionally recruiting personnel for IT companies since 2007. A list of available vacancies can be found at the following link: Through the services of our specialists, a large number of professional workers have found a really high-paying job, while reliable employers have managed to get qualified developers, programmers and designers into their staff.

What services do we offer? In our agency, clients can take advantage of the following:

Finding a job. Our company is approached by both Ukrainian and foreign companies that search for employees. They put forward certain conditions for the candidates, which we compare with the resume of the applicants. If the professional qualities and skills of a particular specialist meet the requirements of the employer, we send his data to this company. Then there is an interview, a test task, a discussion of important issues, etc. If the candidate successfully passes this stage, an appropriate outsourcing agreement is concluded with him.

Selection of an employee. There are numerous universities in Ukraine that graduate specialists in the IT field. At the same time, not all of them are able to quickly find a high-paying job. That is why such experts are in constant search, sending their CVs, including to us. We assess the professional qualities and skills of such candidates and offer their services to our clients-employers. Having received a list of the most suitable specialists, the company can select several of them for further interviews, consultations and testing. If a person successfully passes this stage, a corresponding labor contract is signed with him.

Thus, if you are interested in IT outsourcing, please contact us for help. Recruiters of the agency will certainly provide all the necessary information, answering questions of interest to clients.

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