Recruiting in Cherkasy

2 September 2021

Are you interested in how the search and selection of personnel works? Our recruiting agency has been developing in this direction since 2007, and today we can confidently declare that we are the best in the Ukrainian market and provide our services to hundreds of job seekers. Our experts will take into account all your requirements for professional and timely recruitment, help you get the best front-end vacancies and provide comprehensive support in the recruitment process.

We also practice international recruitment at Professional Staff Recruitment. If a candidate is interested in finding a job in Poland, Germany, France, Sweden, America or other countries, we will be happy to help.

Our advantages

Our clients note the following benefits of contacting the company:

  • Great experience. We have many years of experience in conducting transnational employee recruitment and hiring from Ukraine to Germany, Austria, Norway, Czech Republic, etc.
  • We work with many Ukrainian and international companies, due to which we can promptly find an appropriate job offer suitable for your education, professional qualifications and level of foreign language skills or select a person for you who will work as a full stack js developer.
  • We are a reliable and safe partner, which is confirmed by successful international employment checks and certificates.
  • We set terms of cooperation and guarantee to sign a contract with a candidate within 7-10 days. The specialist verified by our recruiters can start work immediately.

And this is only a part of the advantages of our recruiting agency in Cherkassy. Search and selection of employees is quite a tedious and time-consuming process, which we take over completely.

Today, constant vigilance is imperative, otherwise even the most successful companies may experience a decline in operations. Contacting a recruiting agency is the best solution in such situations.

Putting together a candidate’s resume

In every hiring process, a well-prepared profile of the person you are looking for is the key to success. Properly defining the candidate’s qualifications, level of training and additional knowledge allows you to choose the right place for long-term and very promising employment.

When creating the profile of an IT professional, keep in mind that it falls into a very broad professional category. It is for this reason that the ideal resume to it company should include all the basic aspects concerning the person’s education, knowledge, experience, skills, availability of additional training courses, etc.

A good resume should show the applicant from the best side – as an experienced professional, as well as an expert in their field. The presentation of this document emphasizes the competencies described. The resume must be:

  • structured;
  • legible;
  • informative;
  • not overloaded with unnecessary facts;
  • comply with the principles of resume writing of the country where the applicant plans to apply for a job.

You can use a resume template to fill out, but most importantly adapt it to the job offer you are interested in. Just do not make the main mistake, which the recruiters of our employment agency in Cherkassy face everywhere – do not send the same version of the resume for different vacancies. Try to personalize it and make it in a way that can interest, attract the attention of the employer.

Our recruiters very often receive multiple resumes in response to one job offer. In order for an application to go through the first step of the admissions process, it must contain all the information the recruiter is asking for.

A good resume should include:

Information about personal data – full name, contact phone number, e-mail. It is important to indicate all these data correctly so that the representative of our recruiting company in Cherkassy could contact the candidate.

Work experience is the most important element of a CV. It must contain not only the title of the positions held, but also reflect them in a certain sequence (starting with the most recent), as well as a list of the most important areas of responsibility. At this point, it is worth listing areas that would be especially valuable to a potential employer in response to a specific job offer.

Education – in reverse chronology, we summarize the stages of education that may be important to the recruiter. You should keep in mind that you can opt out of providing high school or college graduation information if their profile is irrelevant to your future work.

Knowledge of foreign Languages – Describe not only the languages known to the candidate, but also their levels of proficiency. Example: English – intermediate level (B2, certified); Russian – communicative (B1, fluent communication, reading texts and documentation). This point is especially important if you are going to send your resume to work in Europe.

Skills – competencies that distinguish the candidate from others and enable him or her to do the job well. For this, it is worth thinking about whether there is something special that distinguishes you from other candidates, such as the ability to negotiate, the ability to resolve conflicts, etc. As you prepare for the interview, remember to recall examples from your life when you have successfully used these skills.

Courses, trainings, certificates – skills documented or acquired over and above previous professional experience.

The job of a modern recruiter is quite complicated, because he has to constantly contact representatives of different companies, monitor the labor market, analyze the effectiveness of employees and strategically organize recruitment for future vacancies together with the management.

Every large company has a personnel department (HR) in its structure, but today more and more often recruiters are hired to find an employee for work, who will quickly, efficiently and with a guarantee select a person who is fully suitable for the vacant position.

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