Recruiting in Kyiv

2 September 2021

Sooner or later, everyone needs to find a job. It is desirable that the profession is promising and in demand. And the first series of vacancies that comes to mind are IT-related specializations.

In the modern world, the segment of programming and related professions is so large that everyone can find their place if they wish. Another big plus is that almost all IT industries are in demand in many countries and continue to evolve to meet daily changing requirements. But before becoming a cool specialist, whom well-known firms will want to hire, you will have to go through a long and, as they say, thorny path of learning. But even after graduating from a university or courses, the chance of getting into a good place is extremely small: due to high competition, the requirements for employees are far from basic, and in order to get into even the lowest paid positions, you need to have a good base.

Where to look for your first job?

Work experience is a big plus in any field, but we all understand that it is not so easy to get it, especially if you have devoted all the time before looking for a place for education. But, fortunately, there are specialized organizations that help everyone to find their first job. Our recruitment agency in Kyiv is just the place that helps young professionals. As a rule, such agencies work with companies that need employees. This already improves the efficiency of the search and its accuracy for the potential employee. In addition, this way of finding a job is completely free. The price of the question was not mentioned in vain: there are sites that offer you to find jobs for your money. That is why the Employment Bureau should not be confused with recruiting companies. The difference lies in a few points to consider:

  • Search services in recruiting are paid by the company that needs employees.
  • Search services in the bureau are carried out at the expense of the one who needs to get a job.

There are no reliable methods that will help you select the best recruiting agency among a dozen offers. Each of them works with its own range of clients-companies, and therefore it will be enough to contact only one and send a CV to the site. This way you will get the widest range of vacancies that suit your skills and you will be able to get your dream job.

Sites for job search in Kyiv for programmers

Even if you have not fully decided on a specialization, this should not become a hindrance at finding a job. As a rule, it is unprofitable for recruiting firms to work for narrow specializations, so they cover many professions at once. If this is an IT segment, then vacancies, as a rule, are not limited to design or programming. The employer is interested in a more precise indication of specialization, but at the same time it will be more strict in choosing an employee.

For the first job, it doesn’t make much sense to use only specialized IT sites: javascript developer or junior designer, along with a dozen other specialties, are constantly found on job streaming sites.

The site both helps to find a job for those who need it, and for those who are looking for competent specialists. So the question “Where to find IT-specialists?” has not caused problems even for start-up firms and companies for a long time. Exchanges work for both sides, which allows you to find the right vacancies and the right people many times faster.

Sites for finding IT specialists in Ukraine

Let’s analyze the other side of the coin, because sometimes finding the right employee is no less difficult than finding the first job for a beginner. And sometimes even more difficult. Fortunately, as already mentioned above, many sites that are not even sharpened for the IT segment, or are not a recruiting exchange, can offer their services both in finding vacancies and specialists.

Of course, it is better to immediately contact professionals and companies that specialize specifically in the research of the person you need. This gives you an almost 100% result and also guarantees that the selected person perfectly fits. But if your company has just begun its development and cannot yet afford expensive services, ordinary job search sites will be enough.

So, let’s consider where to look for programmers for a company:

  • recruiting markets.
  • Specialized IT sites.

Job abroad

Collaboration with foreign companies is not new for Ukrainian IT specialists since long-long ago, however, it is as difficult to get to study or work in such an environment, as it is not easy to find good employees for yourself.

First of all, the point is the difference in approaches to work: it will be too expensive to retrain already established specialists, and it is difficult to take newcomers, because everyone has their own level of base. But still, the second is preferred, especially if a junior has a craving for learning and new knowledge.

It should be noted that our international IT recruiting agency works through Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine (even not the largest ones). This is the same exchange, but at a higher level, where representatives of foreign companies can see your CV. To be able to find a job in such an environment, it is not enough to be just a lucky beginner: here you will need both a base and knowledge from other areas, maybe not related to programming (mathematics, physics and other exact sciences). But not all vacancies have tough competition and selection criteria, fortunately for future employees.
There are popular destinations that guarantee good career growth, and at the same time, they are not as strict with newcomers as it might seem: front-end vacancies in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine are very popular, but for an interview, you may have completed annual or semi-annual courses.

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