Recruiting in Mariupol

2 September 2021

Our staff specializes in attracting top-notch professionals for various IT sectors. We find the best candidates with unique qualifications and experience, which is why our employment services in Mariupol are so popular.

We are in the process of recruiting personnel within the country and abroad. As one of the best recruiting agencies, we have experience in providing such services:

  • Recruitment – we use all modern methods of searching for candidates and select the most effective ones for individual projects.
  • Executive Search – we focus on direct contact with qualified applicants and key IT specialists who have skills that are rare on the labor market.
  • Organization of competitions for top management positions – we conduct competitions for management positions in private companies, government agencies, etc. Recruiting and selecting applicants for these positions requires certain methods of candidate screening, which our recruiters successfully implement.

So, are you looking for a job abroad from Mariupol or are you planning to stay in Ukraine and develop in the IT field in your hometown? Either way, we are ready to help you.  During the successful activity in the labor market, our company has won the trust of job seekers and company representatives who need IT specialists.

How our recruiting company works

Professional Staff Recruitment is a recruiting company that provides its services in Ukraine and abroad. We use all modern methods of searching for candidates and select the most effective ones for individual projects. An important source of applications is also our own extensive database. In the case of recruiting highly specialized employees, we use the Executive Search method. It is an effective method of hiring the top-notch IT professionals. This type of recruitment specialists’ activity is aimed at direct access to qualified managers and key specialists, who have skills that are rarely found on the labor market.

Advantages of using this method:

  • High efficiency – identification and recruiting candidates working in similar positions;
  • Attracting highly specialized candidates who are often not actively looking for work;
  • Comprehensive assessment of candidates’ qualifications and predispositions (e.g., prioritizing computer programming jobs, etc.);
  • Reducing applicant recruitment time to a minimum;
  • Maintaining complete confidentiality of the recruitment process;
  • Reliability and assurance regarding the recommended employee.

By implementing the recruitment process, we provide:

  • Leading the process by an experienced project manager who specializes in the selection of employees of a particular specialty and has specific skills (e.g., knowledge of the python language, etc.).
  • Saving time. We only contact candidates who meet the requirements of the company.
  • Offer only fully vetted candidates who meet the requirements of the job description.
  • Access to the best candidates in the job market through proven and effective recruiting methods.
  • A guarantee for the recommended employee.
  • Reporting on the hiring process, the number and evaluation of candidates involved in the process.
  • Ability to organize video or telephone conferences with selected candidates, enabling remote, preliminary or final vetting of individual professionals.
  • Acting on employer branding best practices.

If you consider yourself a good front-end developer or are an excellent software engineer, contact our staff and be sure that your dream job will find you as soon as possible.

Stages of the hiring process

Correctly selected employees are the most valuable potential of any company. Recruitment agencies recruit people with appropriate qualifications, which is one of the main conditions for the success and further development of the company.

We work hard to recruit the best candidates in the labor market for our clients. This is possible thanks to the proven procedures that we follow unswervingly.

  • We listen to the needs of employers in determining the field of work. The offer is developed each time in response to the needs of a particular company in order to prepare the most satisfactory solutions. Our company philosophy includes an individual approach to each client. Depending on the expectations of the latter, appropriate tools and methods of work are selected.
  • Choice of outreach channels. We use all available sources to reach potential candidates (classical recruitment, social networks, headhunting, internal databases, etc.). In the current situation on the labor market, using a wide range of opportunities to reach potential candidates is a prerequisite for effective recruitment.
  • Selection of resumes. We monitor and check applications submitted by candidates and select those that best fit the detailed profile of the employee sought, developed together with the client.
  • Recruitment Process. We recruit on the basis of structured, in-depth and competent interviews. For this purpose, we make use of various assessment tools such as individual competency tests, language tests, etc.
  • Candidate’s communication with the client. We help to ensure that the job for the IT specialist, whom we have selected from a variety of options, fully satisfied the needs of the latter and allowed the employer to get the maximum that he expected when hiring.

Are you looking for a job in Germany from Mariupol or do you want to go to America to realize your working potential? Our Recruiting Agency in Mariupol is ready to help!

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