Recruiting in Odessa

2 September 2021

Over the last few years, our agency for the recruitment of IT specialists in Odessa has noted the emergence of a large number of vacancies in the city that may be of interest to fans of the field of information technology. As a result, more and more companies use the recruiters’ services for help. We are talking about a variety of specialists: both narrow and broad profiles. What is the reason for the popularity of such agencies? You can learn more about this in the article below.

The main advantages of recruiting agencies

Why is employment in Odessa increasingly happening through recruiting agencies? What is the reason for this? In this regard, it is worth highlighting the following:

  1. Search only for qualified candidates. Employment services involve the selection of those professionals who are ideally suited to perform certain tasks.
  2. Work for results. The recruiter receives earnings after the successful completion of the vacancy. Thus, they can be called freelancers or employees who work without a rate – for a percentage. This encourages recruiters to work for quality and increases efficiency.
  3. High speed of completing the task. Often, a company that needs employees can get the first potential candidates in a few hours after signing an agreement with a recruiter. The last one can earn money only if he manages to find a suitable specialist. It is for this reason that the search takes a minimum period of time.
  4. Availability of special methods of recruitment. It is difficult for an employer who receives from 50 to 100 various applications per day to select candidates who are ideally suited for a particular vacancy. Recruiters, in this case, use special programs or techniques that allow you to refuse those who definitely cannot cope with their job responsibilities. For this, proven and effective technologies are used. With their help, you can evaluate applicants at the first stage.
  5. Teamwork. Several recruiters are simultaneously working on the search for candidates. Thus, they can separate sources by analyzing more summaries. In the agency, all specialists cooperate with each other and interact on the result. This distribution of responsibilities increases the productivity of recruiters, improves the speed of the search and raises its effectiveness.
  6. The ability to find several candidates for any vacancy at once. This also applies to narrow-profile specialists who are able to perform the most complex tasks.
  7. Competitive selection. First, recruiters evaluate the resume of a potential candidate, after that they collect information about him. Then there is an interview with him and the provision of a test task that allows you to evaluate professional skills. Subsequently, the results of all job seekers are compared with each other to determine the most suitable for a particular position.
  8. Complete privacy. All employment services imply non-disclosure of personal and corporate information. This item is written in the contract between the recruiting agency and the company that needs new employees. As a result, customers may not worry about any information leaks.

For more effective search, recruiters in agencies jointly search for candidates, distribute sources and interact with them. This solution improves recruiter productivity, search speed and efficiency.

Possible Disadvantages of Recruiters

Like other recruiting methods, the services of a recruiting agency may have certain disadvantages, such as:

  1. Paying attention to the wrong qualities. Java programmer jobs imply that applicants have some important abilities that not all recruiters understand. This applies primarily to non-professionals. Experienced agencies do not allow such problems.
  2. No selection guarantee. That is why this clause must be found in the contract between the company and the agency. If it is reliable, its representatives will never mind guaranteeing an effective search for applicants.

If you have vacancies of Data science Ukraine, specialists of a recruiting agency in Odessa can quickly find potential candidates that meet your requirements.

How to please a recruiter?

In order to please a recruiter, you need to understand, for example, what to write in the Job Skills section. In this part of the resume, you should indicate those of your opportunities that are directly related to the performance of professional duties. The fact that you are a good person and a true friend will not help in any way in your work. In turn, punctuality and attention to detail are exactly the qualities that are important for a potential employer.

If you are looking for the most prestigious careers in the field of information technology, you must indicate your work experience. It should be understood that immediately after the university graduation it is simply impossible to get a job as a team leader. Initially, you should focus on job vacancies that involve the performance of management tasks, and only then – become the one who sets these tasks for others.

To appeal to a recruiter, your CV should not include the followings:

  • graduation from school;
  • extra information;
  • lies or manipulation of facts;
  • lots of boring text.

Recently, the Python programming language has been in great demand. If you want to find a job quickly, knowing him is exactly what will improve your chances of getting a job within a short period of time.

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