Recruiting in Poltava

2 September 2021

Recruitment through specialized recruiting agencies is becoming more and more popular. This is not to say that this market has already been fully developed, but most serious companies are increasingly solving personnel issues using the services of recruiting companies.

We are a modern recruiting company in Poltava, which prioritizes the principles of customer satisfaction (both customers and applicants). That is why we approach each project individually, providing the highest quality services. Since the beginning of our activity, we have completed thousands of projects in the field employee recruitment and competency audits, coaching and development training, and outplacement projects. This has made us one of the most experienced recruiting agencies in Ukraine, providing top vacancies of IT specialists for different companies.

Who we are and what we offer to our clients

As a recruitment agency that has been permanently working on the Ukrainian market since 2007, we mainly specialize in areas such as senior management, HR, IT, marketing, and customer service.

Our consultants are a team of professional experts who, with great care, using the appropriate tools, select the best candidates for the position that is currently vacant. Thanks to many years of experience as a staffing company, we perfectly understand the needs of our clients and the realities of the labor market Finding candidates for a job in Poltava has never been easier or more accessible for anyone who considers themselves IT professionals.

We comprehensively support clients in almost all aspects of HR management, taking into account the context, choosing proven methods of work and effective tools. In addition, as a recruiting consulting agency, we assess and test employee competencies. With our help, you can find out the needs of employees and, based on professional project reports, make changes that will bring maximum benefit to the company.

Offer for candidates

Are you an experienced engineer or programmer looking for new challenges and development opportunities? Or maybe you’re just looking for your first job and are ready to consider a variety of options? Visit our website, fill in the application form and find out what job offers are waiting for you from the leading employers in the labor market in Ukraine and abroad.

Are you sure that recruiting through a recruiting agency is a long enough process? First of all, after creating and posting an application by the company looking for personnel for the job php, the agency must create a list of potential candidates, which includes a fairly extensive group of people. It includes not only those who responded to the application on their own, but also people previously entered into the database or found by recruiters using executive search techniques.

People who did not apply by themselves must be notified of the hiring and agree to participate in it, which can take some time (especially if the list of candidates is long), but thanks to the well-coordinated work of recruiters providing staffing services in Poltava, everything happens as quickly as possible.

The initial long list of candidates is reduced to a minimum by recruiters during the selection process. Once the best candidates have been selected, they will be required to undergo a preliminary interview and/or competency test.

From this brief description, we can conclude that if you participate in the recruitment process through our recruiting agency, you will not have to go through a long, independent search for a vacancy. Usually everything happens in three stages:.

  • after receiving the resume, our representative calls the selected candidate;
  • then, if all goes well, the candidate meets with the recruiter in person;
  • then the candidate goes for another interview directly with the employer.

Also note that reviews about our recruiting agency you can easily find in the free access. If you read them, it will be easier for you to make a decision about the help of a recruiting company.

Cooperation with a recruitment agency – the main advantages

After contacting our company, the contact with the recruiter will take place everywhere. We practice the support of two-way communication, because, as practice shows, this increases efficiency of work and allows the most productive interaction with applicants.

If you submitted your resume, but did not pass the interview, usually our recruiter will ask if you want to keep your information in the database or refuse to participate in further recruitment for the best Ukrainian and international companies.

If you decide to use the first option, you should remember that, now you will have your own assigned mentor, who will make sure that the questionnaire with up-to-date information is active in the database and will find a good employment option at the first opportunity.

Attention! Do not forget that a resume for an American company and a European organization will be strikingly different. Keep this in mind when drafting the document.

Recruiting through a recruiting agency can certainly help you find your dream job. However, remember that in this industry you can also run into scammers. To avoid falling into their trap, trust only trusted recruiting agencies such as Professional Staff Recruitment. We can help you decide on the choice, explain why the average programmer salary in Ukraine is so dramatically different from the salary of the same specialist in Europe, as well as help with international employment.

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