Recruiting in Sumy

2 September 2021

Today, many job seekers, just as 10-20 years ago, wanting to find a dream job, continue to follow ads in the press and view advertisements published on Internet portals. Is it worth paying attention to such advertisements? Why the majority of advanced users have long trusted employment agencies and what kind of services are offered by recruitment agencies for employers? Let’s talk about this and much more below.

What does an employment agency do?

Simply put, employment agencies serve as an intermediary between employers and job seekers. The agency’s role is usually limited to the initial recruitment of personnel. Thanks to this, the company that offers the vacant positions will not need to hire additional people who would be responsible for recruiting.

More often than not, however, the role of employment agencies is much broader. It should not be forgotten that they can also hire employees on the basis of an employment contract and carry out his further relocation. This model is popular mainly in Western Europe and is just beginning to develop in Ukraine.

Our recruitment agency in Sumy offers the services of personnel search for IT organizations, as well as invites to cooperation programmers who want to get a good job with decent wages. We guarantee comprehensive support for each side of the recruitment.

Until recently, employment agencies were associated primarily with employment abroad. However, today the activity of these companies is expanding considerably and when you ask for help, professional recruiters will help you find a great solution and get a job that fully meets your financial expectations and brings moral satisfaction.

However, for all of this to be possible, you should only pay attention to trusted employment agencies. Unfortunately, there are many companies on the market that prey on people looking for honest IT jobs and deceive their clients’ expectations. If you want to avoid unpleasant situations, you should first of all check the credibility of the recruiting company, find out how many years it has been on the market, what companies the agency has worked with before and, of course, what reviews it has among people who have already used its services. It is easy to make sure of this, including on thematic forums.

Professional Staff Recruitment is a an IT recruitment company in Sumy, whose reviews are exceptionally positive. We have been on the market since 2007 and have managed to win the trust of our clients and create a huge database, which includes specialists of different segments and qualifications.

How does a recruiter work in a recruiting agency?

Our recruiting agency employs specialists whose role is quite broad. They act on behalf of clients – both large and small companies operating in various industries and in need of competent IT specialists. A recruiter working in an agency should first of all understand the needs of clients. His main role is to review the resumes of people whose profiles (experience, skills, previous career, etc.) match the employer’s requirements. He definitely knows where to look for developers in Ukraine, how to conduct an interview and select only the right people for a particular vacancy.

Later, after suitable profiles have been selected, he will organize the first interview (online or offline). At this stage it will be determined whether the individual candidates are suitable for the positions presented. In addition, the recruiter has the opportunity to get to know the profiles of the applicants better, to consider both the strengths and weaknesses of individual applicants.

The role of personnel search agency employees in Sumy does not end at the stage of sending a recommendation to individual candidates. An important point is that recruiters can help to prepare people chosen by the employer for the interview in the company. Thanks to such preparation the candidate knows what questions to expect at the interview, what topics are most interesting to the employer, etc. This is possible due to the fact that recruitment agencies most often cooperate with certain companies for many years. Experienced recruiters know very well what individual employers care about most.

Attention! If you want to work as a programmer in Europe, but you are worried you have an insufficient level of foreign language or you doubt your skills – entrust the question of hiring to our professionals. They will analyze all pros and cons and will select for you a suitable variant with decent wages and good cooperation conditions.

As you can see, writing and sending a resume is only half the battle. Recruiters do most of the work, analyzing, comparing, and selecting relevant job applicants.

Using an employment agency can be a lifeline, especially for people who have been searching for a job for a long time without success. In this case, agency specialists can not only check how the resume was written and what is the reason for constant failures, but also help the person prepare for the interview. An extensive database of job offers, updated daily, means that employment agency staff can offer several jobs in just one day. Yes, a candidate can get a job in a very short time and get a coveted job in Germany, England, Finland, the Czech Republic, Poland even when they have lost faith in their own abilities.

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