The rise in demand for Web 3.0 talents will change IT jobs: an HR analysis

30 July 2022

Web 3.0 has become a hot topic of discussion among the IT community, which is not surprising: the development of the Web in this direction is a turning point for the entire industry and its talent market. The phenomenon redefining how we work with the Internet and how we exist in its space is most likely to lead to transformations and a shift in the tech industry’s operations. In this article, PSR will explore which specialists will be most in demand and what to expect from recruiting in the new Web 3.0 context.

The impact of Web 3.0 on the talent market

As for Web 3.0 meaning, Web 3.0 represents a new generation of the Internet, where P2P blockchains will connect networks in a decentralized manner. This means that from now on, tech giants will not interfere in data exchange, and servers will rely on cloud storage available to all users on the Internet. And although it sounds promising and has already become a vast field, these methods of virtual communication and information transfer are still under development.

That is why more and more vacancies are appearing on the market at a rapid pace, either directly related to the development of Web 3.0 or requiring an understanding of this technical breakthrough. For this reason, most trends in IT will move towards the upskilling of existing professionals and the introduction of new job requirements for those joining IT now and in the coming years. In addition, more and more companies will define themselves as Web 3.0 company.

Which industries will benefit the most

Those areas based on Web 3.0 technologies will benefit the most from innovations. For example, this is the market of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, which served as a springboard for these changes and demonstrated how decentralized blockchains function. Another area is gaming, which is also indicated by the growth in the number of Java developer jobs in the USA, as game users have the opportunity to participate in their development through blockchains. In addition, the AI development and the metaverse concept are also related to gaming, and interest in them is expected to grow in the coming years as well.

However, the principles of Web 3.0 technologies apply to all areas that require IT specialists. Therefore, the Web 3.0 technical framework is expected to be implemented in developing decentralized websites and applications for companies and startups of various scopes. Given such trends, the most prestigious and profitable jobs in Europe and other tech-leading regions will be related to Web 3.0 development. In particular, we recommend paying attention to the following vacancies:

  • game developers;
  • cryptocurrency and NFT specialists;
  • cyber security engineers;
  • front-end and back-end developers;
  • UI/UX designers.
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