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13 March 2022

The field of information technology quickly covers different types of activities, so the labor market in IT requires more and more new personnel. That is why finding a job even for a beginner is not a big problem. This can be done both independently and through the appropriate recruiting agencies, which provide their clients with a wide range of various services. But which of these methods is more efficient?

Finding your first job in IT

The question of how to find the first job in IT is asked by a large number of people every day. And this is not surprising at all. The thing is that activities in this area are promising and truly profitable.

But at the stage of searching for the first job, an IT specialist can have several unexpected troubles. This is due to the fact that some companies do not consider CVs of applicants without work experience. But what to do if there are no cases, but there is knowledge, aspirations and a desire to improve your skills? In such situations, experts advise seeking help from professional recruiters. What are their main advantages? They are as follows:

  1. Providing guarantees. All recruiting agencies guarantee the achievement of the goal. If you want to find a particular vacancy, the specialists of such organizations first provide you with information about what types of work you can expect, after that they will find the most suitable employment options for you.
  2. Quick search. It is only a few days. As a result, the applicant receives from the recruiter several currently available employment options. Then the candidate is helped to pass an interview, which is conducted directly by the employer’s HR.
  3. Large database. Because agencies are constantly collaborating with different employers, they are the first to know when they need new employees. Sometimes this happens even before the vacancy is posted on popular job search sites.
  4. Ease of communication. You can communicate with recruiters in several ways that are convenient for you: chat in instant messengers, send letters to e-mail or communicate via mobile communications.

If you are interested in recruiting agencies, reviews about them from leading experts in the Internet market will help you decide who you can trust with your employment without hesitation.

How to pass an interview?

Any Recruitment of personnel in the company is carried out by professionals in their field. They follow a certain algorithm of actions, for which it is quite easy for candidates for a particular position to prepare. The main thing is to understand what exactly awaits you during the interview.

For example, software developers in an interview are sure to face the fact that they have to perform practical test tasks. Their goal is to test the logical thinking of a potential candidate, as well as to understand what his knowledge in a particular field of activity is. All other stages of the interview are about the same. The questions that developers will have to answer can be broken down into the following categories:

  1. Questions about the soft skills of the applicant. This category include stress resistance, efficiency, the desire to develop, the need to improve a future employee`s skills, communication skills, etc. Especially communication skills are very important while you work as a part of a team with a large number of people.
  2. Questions about experience and education. It is not needed to indicate the end of school or specifically-specialized education, which is not related to software development. At the same time, you need to mention all the courses related to your field of activity, attending webinars, various trainings and participation in information technology conferences.
  3. Questions about professional qualities. They should relate only to the field of activity referred to in the vacancy. A potential employer is not interested in knowing about your hard skills, which will not be important in the work process.
  4. Questions about your growth in the company. It’s about where you see yourself in a particular company after a while. As a rule, those candidates who want to have a professional growth perspective, climb the career ladder, claim higher wages, etc., get the job. All this indicates that a person is interested in growth and development. Such an applicant is worthy of attention, as he will help the company achieve its long-term goals.

If you do not know where it is better to work as a programmer, then it is best to order a personal consultation from expert recruiters. In addition to having an extensive database of employers, they also have detailed information about organizations and can advise where you should not go in any case, so as not to waste time.

Is it possible to relocate to another country?

If you front end developer you can quickly find vacancies in the Ukrainian market. Foreign companies will not always be favorable to you. In order to get a job in the field of information technology in one of the EU countries, you must have some experience. In addition, it is difficult to find the job of your dreams on your own. This can be helped by recruiting agencies that are constantly looking for work for Ukrainian specialists.

The main advantages of a proper relocation are as follows:

  • availability of job security;
  • getting support;
  • receiving more wages;
  • lack of risks;
  • new experience
  • plan and motivation.

You need devops jobs? Do you want to become a successful software developer? In this case, it is best to start cooperating with our recruiters. They can take on most of the work and help you take the first step towards your dream job.

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