I’m very thankful to PSR team who helped me to get a job of Web Developer at MyHeritage. My recruiter Julia supported me during the whole recruiting process and gave crucial career advises. I recommend PSR as a reliable recruitment agency that helps not only to find a job, but to develop your career on […]

Christoph Hillermann

The candidates that were presented to us were immediately hired. Professional Staff Recruitment had a very deep understanding of our business. They have been receptive to feedback and maintained a high level of professionalism throughout the project.

Pavel Kravchenko

The engagement has resulted in more relevant hires for the financial firm. Within two weeks, the client staffed a development team, which passed two milestones after a month. So far, Professional Staff Recruitment has provided highly efficient recruitment services. We are satisfied with both the speed and quality of the result obtained.

Ekaterina Rovinskaya

Candidates were successfully screened and hired with agility. Stakeholders were impressed with the quality of the recruitment process. The team kept open communications with the client and would quickly resolve their concerns at all times. The cooperation with PSR was productive and pleasant.

Andrey Stepanov

Professional Staff Recruitment displayed an understanding of the company’s staffing needs. Their prompt communication set off an effective workflow where all the company’s needs were met. The team provided support, productive negotiation, and professional service throughout. We received the first candidate at the same day we started cooperating with PSR. And that was very impressive!

Andrey Shvets

The candidates submitted for positions met the requirements put forth by the internal team. Professional Staff Recruitment communicates effectively and responds quickly to inquiries. The team is responsible, hard-working, and professional. They always try to use our feedback to build a better relationship and to find for us better candidates.

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