How to find and hire a Python programmer?

20 November 2021

Many IT specialists often wonder where to find and how to hire a Python developer. It may seem like a very simple process that any recruiter can do, but in reality it is not. The thing is that currently there are many applicants on the market who are confident in their capabilities, but not all of them are ready to cope with the tasks in real conditions. As a result, recruiting should be approached in such a way that two weeks after recruitment, you do not have to look for someone new. How can this be done?

How to search for a Python programmer?

Almost all Python developer jobs are high-paying jobs. Salaries attract a large number of programmers who want to test their strengths. During the internship, it often turns out that they cannot complete even simple tasks. The employer spends his resources on organizing this process, although he could use them for other purposes. In order to avoid such problems, you need to pay attention to the main ways to find specialists in this area:

  1. Ensuring the work of the personnel department. Their goal will be to continually search for applicants, review their resumes, keep in touch, conduct initial interviews, etc.
  2. Cooperation with a recruiting agency. It guarantees the employer the selection of truly qualified personnel who will be suitable for the conditions of a particular vacancy. Moreover, the process itself is really fast and reliable.

Recently, recruiting services in Kyiv are becoming more and more popular due to the possibility of saving in this way both the time of the company’s specialists and resources. You can take advantage of this opportunity too and then feel all its advantages and benefits.

The main issues and tasks

Note that the search for Python programmers implies the selection of those specialists who are ready to work with a variety of applications, while facing complex problems and tasks. There are some most common among them and it is worth to highlight the following:

  1. Creation and subsequent ongoing support of scalable systems. This programming language is often used by large companies for their backend and data processing.
  2. Automation of trivial, but at the same time critical functions for doing business. If you give these tasks to manual management, you will need significant human resources, which requires the corresponding funds from companies.
  3. Ensuring complete safety of users and preservation of their personal data. This applies to absolutely all information provided. Due to the fact that Python is mainly used for the backend, it creates a truly secure environment.

An active search for a Python programmer’s resume in Ukraine implies finding specialists who are ready to perform all of the above tasks, depending on the specifics of the activities of a particular company.

What attracts developers?

If you want to quickly find a developer who will be able to join the team of your company from the very first days, you need to create appropriate conditions for him. Most often, such specialists pay attention to the following factors:

  1. Possibility of real use of the programming language. In many positions that are currently on the market, pointing to Python is just an additional useful skill required of applicants. At the same time, they have to do most of the work using completely different languages. This can scare off some potential specialists from a particular vacancy.
  2. Being supported by Open Source. Open source products often involve a large number of developers. Using libraries and participating in their development through bug fixes is one of the advantages of any organization, according to some experts in this field.
  3. Developing your own skills. Doing the same job with the implementation of completely uninteresting projects repels programmers. Many of them want to master the knowledge that they have not yet received in other companies. If you can offer such conditions, your vacancies will be considered with great interest.

Thus, not only should the jobseeker try to find a reliable employer by offering him the appropriate skills, but the employer should also accommodate potentially talented developers. All this allows finding consensus and starting joint activities for the benefit of a common goal.

What size should the salary be?

Many developers are interested in IT work in Poland, where the salary is slightly higher than in Ukraine. In addition, sometimes specialists are offered remote employment, which allows them not even to move to a neighboring country. As a result, domestic companies need to compete with European ones, including in terms of salary. For this reason, experts advise IT experts to offer high salaries, as their activities will pay off anyway.
Even if we are talking about the work of a Python Junior, the salary of a specialist for such a vacancy should be higher than the national average. Only in this case, a truly talented and responsible developer will be interested in the offer.
It is worth paying attention to the fact that even the services of a PHP programmer are paid very high. Knowledge of the Python programming language is less frequent, as a result of which the salary of developers who know how to use it should be higher.

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