How to hire a Python programmer

20 November 2021

The popularity of the IT industry as an option of employment has extremely grown recently. This is the area that representatives of other professions most often tend to move into. They are attracted by the demand and high wages. But do not forget that only a highly-experienced programmer can expect the privileges that were mentioned above.

At the same time, there are not so many really good specialists, and this explains why vacancies can still be open for a long time.

IT – Demand and high salary level

Every modern company needs the services of an IT specialist and sooner or later faces the search for a candidate for this position. In fact, this profession is very multifaceted and varied, and consists of specialists with a narrow profile. They differ both in specialization and in the level of knowledge and, of course, in their experience.
Most often, companies think about how to hire the best programmers – specialists who develop software for operating systems that fulfills certain established requirements and tasks.
Depending on the tasks that a specialist must perform, he can be a Python, Java, C, C ++, JavaScript, C #, R, Go, HTML programmer, etc.
Python is one of the most popular programming languages. It was created more than 30 years ago and is actively used in the creation of various projects, both the largest and the smallest. It is used by such giants as Google, Facebook, Netflix, Dropbox, Instagram. It can be used both as the main programming language and for developing extensions.
Due to its universality and stability, Python is widely used – in video games, web applications, application software. Therefore, programmers who are highly-skilled in working with it have an increased demand in the labor market. Accordingly to the article, work as a python programmer is in demand and highly paid.

How to hire a Python developer

There is two main options for finding a programmer with good work experience:

  1. Search by yourself. This task is difficult because good specialists already receive a lot of proposals and are even oversaturated with them. It is also not a fact that the found specialist will meet all your requirements, especially if you are not particularly versed in programming. Therefore, it is much more efficient to choose the second option. For independent search, you can use these sites: Toptal, Stack Overflow, Hired, Remote Python.
  2. Recruiting companies. There are tons of recruiting companies out there that seem to be doing the same job. This is a misconception. Companies also have their own specialization.

The most common activity of the best recruiting agencies is the search for line personnel and top managers. They will help you find economists, technologists, accountants, etc. There are agencies that do not use job sites, as they select high-level personnel or with unique specialization. In this case, the vacancies are not disclosed, and the company itself becomes known at the last moment.
IT Recruiting is also popular today. This is the agency you need if you are thinking about where to look for Python developers. This type of recruiters deals only with the search and selection of IT specialists and has a wealth of experience in this area. You just need to choose the best recruiting agency in this area and the question of where to find Python developers for your team will be automatically resolved.
Recruiters do their job quite efficiently and will help fulfill free vacancies as quickly as possible and in compliance with your requirements. Using some of the hiring secrets in IT helps them to do their work well.

Secret №1

Before starting research for a specialist, the specifics of the vacancy and the work of a programmer in general are necessarily studied. The accuracy of the selection and the suitability of the position depends on this. It is also quite common to consult an expert in the required field.

Secret №2

Efficient communication. You need to understand candidates’ expectations and goals. Very often, not only the level of payment is important, but also the possibility of professional growth and the opportunity to learn new things, 100% using skills in a programming language that a specialist knows, for instance, Python.

Secret №3

You must collect, analyze and evaluate all the benefits for both the employer and the candidate. Also give time to consider the proposal and make neither  positive nor negative decisions too early.

Ways to hire a Python developer

Python itself is quite a specific and difficult programming language, it is not needed in all projects, and smart developers often prefer constant employment. But the payment for the work of such a programmer can be quite large amounts, and it is ineffective to hire such a narrow specialist for one, even a difficult project, for a company whose activities do not include IT development as a product is inefficient.

There are three forms of employment:

  • To hire a staff member. This will be advisable if you are planning a permanent cooperation.
  • Outstaffing. In this case, the specialist is rented from an outstaffing company. He works under a contract, in one team with full-time employees, but all issues, financial or labor disputes, are dealt with by the contractor company. So far, this method of employment is perceived with caution due to unhonest agencies.
  • Outsourcing. Programming services are provided by an outsourcing company with which the contract is concluded. This is mainly used for non-core functions.
  • External employees-freelancers

Which way is the best for you depends on these factors:

  • what is your planned budget for this vacancy;
  • how fast do you need to find a specialist ;
  • can you estimate level of professionalism of a candidate by yourself;
  • how much does a quality of work matters; 
  • ability and willingness to independently manage projects.

A serious and thoughtful approach to the issue will save you money, time and help you hire a Python developer who fits perfectly into your collective.

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