Recruiting in Lviv

2 September 2021

For a successful job search, whether it’s a data science job or a job as an application developer, sometimes it’s not enough to have a good base and practical skills. It is important to be able to search for exactly what you want and filter information correctly among hundreds of vacancies. Today we are considering one of the most popular segments in the job market – IT. This is an environment with very high competition and no less high demand. Fortunately, so far the Ukrainian market is generating more offers, but due to the high popularity of a narrow range of specializations, many more people apply for some positions than others.

When is the best time to start looking for a job?

In this regard, it is very important to start your search a little in advance: if you are just completing your education, you should not wait for a diploma or certificate. It is far from always possible to get a job the first time, and the search for a job that suits you can take up to a month.

It should be noted that in the global IT segment employment is not accepted solely by acquaintance: any company carefully selects specialists, because it is aimed at long-term work, and it will not be beneficial for anyone to change people in the same position every six months.

That is why we carry out recruitment in Lviv as competent as possible and take into account a thorough assessment of the skills, experience and knowledge of the candidates.

Another feature and a big plus for beginners who are just starting to look for work in IT is that it encourages the pursuit of knowledge and the desire to develop more than many years of experience. That is, it is much more profitable for companies of any level to hire people who can be trained from scratch and for themselves than to spend resources on retraining already established specialists. Therefore, newcomers have every chance for a good position from the start. However, an experienced professional does not cease to be valuable in the market. Such employees most often occupy managerial positions and over time they themselves are engaged in the selection of personnel.

And yet, regardless of experience, people often ask themselves: “why can’t I find a job, what is the reason?” This has already been discussed at the very beginning, but let’s take a closer look. The easiest way is to open the first site with vacancies that comes across and flip through the pages, paying attention to the requirements indicated in the headers. As a rule, “work experience” is off-putting and people often miss these jobs just because they are looking for their first job. This greatly reduces your chances of finding something, especially in the IT segment. After all, as we have already figured out, experience does not play a primary role in obtaining a position.

In addition to the fact that it is worth responding to all applications for the profession you are interested in, you need to do this on special sites dedicated specifically to IT. Why? Because in the flow of diverse work, less attention (or even zero) is paid to narrowly focused specializations. And when you come to an interview, you get something completely different from what you originally expected. Yes, and the wording of vacancies often leaves much to be desired, does not give any idea to newcomers about what they will have to do.

It should be noted that the recruitment of personnel throughout Ukraine, whether it be Lviv, Kiev, Kharkov or Odessa, is the same. For this, recruiting exchanges are used that cooperate with IT companies that need employees. Such sites are already aimed specifically at programmers and can provide anyone with detailed information about a particular specialization.

Today, there is more than one IT recruiting agency in Lviv, and all of them are on the Internet on the first pages, the difference is only in the number and level of companies with which the agency cooperates. There is also a difference in the number of specializations, but here it is small: as a rule, the same positions are presented everywhere.

How does recruiting work?

Each company that uses the services of the agency makes a list of requirements for candidates for a certain specialty. As a rule, she is not alone, so it is possible to consider different positions in the same company. Next, recruiters from hundreds of submitted CVs, select the ones that suit the requirements and contact the candidates. It is important to know that the search for employees is an energy-intensive business, and open contacts have a much higher chance of being noticed.

In fact, all recruiting firms are looking for people, referring to specific “orders”, so it will not be superfluous to indicate all your capabilities and potential in your resume, and not just within a narrow specialty. For example, if you are interested in javascript work in Lviv, it would not be superfluous to pay attention to other current front-end vacancies.

Summing up a little, there are several points that will help with finding a job specifically in the field of programming:

  • Search for vacancies with the help of recruiting companies or on specialized sites.
  • A complete, well-written resume.
  • The response is not all available vacancies, but only those that suit you in all respects.
  • Confidence in your best sides, and not a sharp focus on your worst.

The last point, although it sounds childishly trite, is very important, because it allows you to soberly evaluate the benefits that you can bring at work. And also at least roughly understand what salary you can expect and how much you can call at interviews. For example, the salary of programmers directly depends on their involvement in the work process and the level of workload, so be prepared for constant work, even with extensive experience.

If you have not yet decided on the direction in which you want to develop, we present for your acquaintance several popular requests both among job seekers and among companies:

  • Application developer.
  • Jobs related to data science.
  • Front-end and back-end developers.
  • Javascript programmers.

Also, firms can often provide internships for juniors who act as assistants to people in completely different positions. This is a great chance for newcomers to gain experience and get to know the internal affairs of the company, in which, in theory, they can work in the future.

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