What is the price of developing a mobile application?

31 July 2022

Growing companies are considering developing mobile applications because mobile applications are one of the most effective marketing tools. Therefore, when companies decide to develop their own application, it is natural that they are interested in how much the project costs. Follow this article to find out what modifies the price tag and what are the main advantages and disadvantages of mobile applications.

Why do you need a mobile app?

The benefits of a mobile application are well known to every gadget user as they make our daily life easier. It’s much more pleasant and faster to find all the information of interest in a convenient application instead of delving into numerous websites. Take, for example, an IT company in California, which is growing and gaining more and more customers. They need to keep their interest in the company, which must be done through interaction with them. All this is solved by a convenient mobile application.

In addition, studies show that smartphone users spend most of their time on the phone in mobile apps, which means that it is:

  • Convenient for customers
  • Easier to advertise your products
  • Faster customer support, etc.

Factors influencing the final price tag: average price

There are two main factors that affect the price. Let’s analyze them below.

Freelance or Offshore App Development?

This is one of the most significant indicators because freelance developers generally set lower prices than a large IT company. You can find a specialist for mobile application development on the websites of recruiting companies or search through specialized applications. Speaking of such websites, we advise you to pay attention to PSRcompany.com – one of the best recruiting resources with highly qualified specialists.

Offshore development is always more expensive than an individual freelancer because companies involve entire teams of specialists and adjust the streamlined workflow. However, it can also increase the developer’s salary if they are highly qualified.

Specialist experience

Last but not least is the experience of the developer. When a highly skilled specialist works on your product, they significantly add to its quality, making a price higher. In addition, specialists with high price tags immediately set up a package of services, which includes development, testing, and, in some cases, design. You can take a large package of services and pay only one developer, but there is an option to recruit a team that will do it faster. We recommend looking for your potential employees on the websites of IT staffing agencies, where skilled HR pros take care of the whole process and its quality.

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